Why I'm NOT Going to See BvS Opening Weekend

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Why I'm NOT Going to See BvS Opening Weekend

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Look, I don’t want to rain on anyone’s entertainment media parade. If “Batman v Superman” looks good to you, if you liked “Man of Steel,” then by all means … please … go and enjoy this new film. See it multiple times. Talk about how much you enjoy it. Revel in it the way only true fans like us can.
But that’s not gonna be me.
The previews, the marketing material, the previous film, and so many other things make it clear to me that BvS is not going to give me what I want from a DCU film … and I’m registering my disapproval with my wallet. At least, during opening weekend. Unlike the author of this article, I will go see the movie (probably in a mid-week matinee) because, A) It’s the only way for me to speak knowledgeably about it, B) Hollywood places 90% of its assessment on the opening weekend box office, and C) I could be wrong in my pre-assessment (though all signs point otherwise).
On the other hand, that article DOES do a good job of plainly stating many of the things that I find most objectionable to Zach Snyder’s interpretation of Superman in MoS (and his apparent interpretation of Batman in BvS). I want my heroes, particularly my DCU heroes, to be HEROIC. Achieving good results is not the same as being a hero. And the “ends justify the means” perspective that seems to infuse Snyder’s stories is patently antithetical to what I want out of Superman and Batman.

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