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Wendy’s: the RPG

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This morning I came across news that the burger chain Wendy’s had releases a promotional tabletop RPG entitled Feast of Legends. So I quickly downloaded a copy and . . . wow!

I mean … WOW!

It’s “just” a weird little bit of PR, but it’s also a fully thought through, properly designed, and professionally produced RPG. Unfortunately, after a quick perusal I couldn’t find any credits (other than for the artist and the cartographer).

I did something similar (though certainly less ambitious) for Harper Collins Children’s Books about a decade ago for their Warrior Cats young adult novel series . . . but they were good enough to give me credit at every possible turn. (Unfortunately, it seems like HC no longer provides access to the game on their website—but you can still find copies of the rulebook and some of the adventures on some fan sites.) It was a great process and I’ve always hoped that I could find other companies who wanted to do similar projects for their properties.

Does anyone know who designed Feast of Legends?

And if you know of any major entertainment or food franchises that want to do something similar … please point them my way!

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