Two Years Ago Today (More Or Less)

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Two Years Ago Today (More Or Less)

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Life is funny, it rolls along day to day, one task followed by another until you sort of lose track of time passing. Particularly as a freelancer, I’m always finishing one project and starting another and there’s very little that actually cements itself as belonging to a specific time and place. And since I’m lucky enough to have built good relationships with reliable clients who, in turn, have a fairly reliable string of assignments, it’s very easy for one month or one season or even one year to pass without anything that really feeling like a strong point of reference, and to lose any real sense of perspective of WHEN one project in particular happened, or how much time has passed since then.
But every once in awhile you come across an artifact—a photo or a piece of paperwork or, in this case, and video—that acts as a strong temporal reference point not only for itself, but for the river of things that happened between then and now. The video in question was a brief interview shot at a Gamerati Game Day in early February 2014—two full years ago.
Suddenly I feel the weight of that temporal hardpoint and the force of the time that’s rushed by since. It’s interesting (and in some cases amusing) to consider all the things that have changed since . . . as well as the ones that haven’t.
When that video was shot, I’d just begun working with Monte Cook Games, helping them with an overload of project management and art direction tasks. It was about a six-month gig that doesn’t feel more than 10 or 12 months ago to me, though now I have PROOF that twice that much time has passed. I’m still doing mostly freelance work, still working mostly out of my home, and still hoping to get a greater proportion of my assignments to be cartooning based.
Then there’s the fact that my wardrobe is almost embarrassingly unchanged in that time. Just last weekend I wore pretty much the exact same outfit as I have on in that video (probably a different orange t-shirt . . . but not necessarily).
I’ll be attending another Gamerati Game Day in a few weeks (on March 5th on the campus of Pacific Lutheran University . . . you should totally come). If Anastazia (or someone else) is there doing interviews, a lot of my answers will be strikingly similar . . . I just have to be sure to wear a different shirt!

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