Tortle Warrior Stickers

Tortle Warrior Stickers

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Oh look! Another new sticker has arrived here at the Stan!plex—a very handsome looking tortle warrior. As with the other stickers I’ve done, this one was produced by, and a FINE job they did as usual!

For those who don’t know, StickerMule is a site that specializes in creating high-quality stickers, window clings, bumper stickers, and other items at a very reasonable price. Not only that, they turn the jobs around incredibly fast! In this case, I sent them the file on Tuesday afternoon and my order was delivered Friday morning the same week!

I’ve now used StickerMule for this Tortle Warrior, an Owlbear Rampant, and an Otter Dragon sticker, as well as a Godzilla Gamer window cling (all 3″ in size) … plus a couple of button designs. And, of course, ALL of the sticker sheets from a Kickstarter I did a couple of years ago. They have NEVER disappointed … in fact, they’ve ALWAYS exceeded my expectations (which isn’t easy to do as I have very HIGH expectations).

Why am I making all these stickers? Well, in part because it’s fun and they’re pretty inexpensive (I usually create a new design whenever the site has a special deal going on). But the bigger reason is that I’m hoping to start exhibiting at conventions again soon, and I need some new items to stock my table with.

Currently, I don’t have an online store from which to sell them—sorry—but it you simply MUST have one, drop me an email and maybe we can set something up through PayPal. That having been said … a Stan! Store is another thing I’ve been thinking about setting up if things go smoothly this fall. We’ll see.

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