The History of the Wacky Races!

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The History of the Wacky Races!

SUMO: Aki Basho (Day 10)
R.I.P. Yogi Berra

While scanning through YouTube the other day I came across a 20-minute special about the making of one of my favorite cartoon shows from my youth—The Wacky Races.
With the frequency with which the Saturday morning cartoons of my youth have been picked up, unimaginatively reimagined, and released as new movies and TV shows, I’m surprised that no one had tried a remake of it yet. But thank goodness for that.
While I can absolutely see a world where NASCAR sponsored a new iteration of this show . . . I also can see it inevitably falling flat on its face. The show was all concept (high or low, depending on your perspective) and almost nothing else. And, worst of all in our modern Netflix culture, this renders it nearly un-binge-watchable. As a result, even now roughly 50 years later, watching an episode is just as funny as it ever was . . . and watching a second episode is just as mind-numbingly painful as it ever was.
Let me be clear, I LOVE The Wacky Races. But I love it in a kind of way where I want to think about it, talk about it, and honor it . . . I just don’t want to have to watch more than 20 minutes of it.

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