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Teach Your Kids to Game Week

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Given how often I’m over at the OneBookshelf sites, I don’t know how this slipped my attention previously, but it turns out that through Dec. 7th they are doing a promotion called Teach Your Kids To Game Week.

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The idea basically is . . . ummm . . . to teach your kids to game. Something non-electronic. An “old-fashioned” board or card game, or a newfangled one. A roleplaying game or a storytelling game. It doesn’t really matter, though I suggest this: Play at least two games—one the kids already know and like, and one that’s new to them.
Don’t have any new games? Well, of course, OneBookshelf has a whole category of family friendly games for you to choose from, and a bunch of them are free or very low cost.
Seriously, if playing games is something you love to do, it’s important to pass the torch on to the next generation. You can’t just rely on them picking it up on their own. The allure of electronic games is so much stronger, the emotional rewards are gathered so much quicker, it’s quite possible that modern kids will just skip by traditional gaming, seeing it as out of date and (worst of all) booooooring.
So if you’re a parent, or an uncle or aunt, or a big brother, or just a close friend of a family with kids, plan out some time to play some games this weekend if you can . . . or next weekend. “Teach Your Kids To Game Week” aside, t really doesn’t matter that much when you do it, though I’d suggest playing some games BEFORE the holidays, so that the idea that this is a fun activity can already be in their heads when the week of being cooped up with relatives comes along.
All this talk about holiday and gaming has me thinking that it’s a good time to start putting together a post about games that would make good presents. I know a lot of sites and podcasts and radio shows will be doing that sort of thing soon . . . I’d best not wait until they’ve all had their say, or I won’t be able to have an original idea.
But before I do that, I think I’ll put a post up later this week linking to some of my favorite FREE games that you can find online. Just as a little resource for anyone who takes this screed of mine seriously.

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