Stan! on Sale — Consultations

Stan! on Sale — Consultations

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As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, due to most of my planned work for November and December having been mothballed (details can be found here), I’ve decided to have try to make up at least some of the income shortfall by having a sale on my work. Over the last couple of days I announced special pricing on my drawing and writing. Today I do the same for my consulting services.
One of the benefits of having been successful in the worlds of writing, game design, publishing, and illustration is having gained a broad range of experience . . . and being able to share that with friends and colleagues.
Most often, I do this as a courtesy (that’s what you DO for friends and colleagues), but sometimes I’m approached by folks I don’t know, or who are new to the industry. Even then, in a casual setting, I’m more than happy to share my thoughts casually . . . but when someone wants detailed assessments, advice, or commentary, THAT’S when I hang out my “professional consultant” shingle.
I can’t give you a guaranteed way to succeed in your projects. But I can use my experience as a writer, game designer, creative director, art director, and production manager give you a very well rounded professional opinion of your project, concept, or design. Or I can simply act as a sounding board and help you brainstorm way to take your concept and turn it into an actionable project. Plus, I’ve been a central part of three successful Kickstarter campaigns, so I can give you my opinions in that realm, too.
This service isn’t for everyone. In the end, all I’m offering is to listen to (or review) your concepts and give you my opinions on how to improve them, or tell you what sorts of things I would do (or have done) in similar situations. BUT for some people that can be an invaluable aid.
I can’t say how much this service is worth to you . . . but I CAN tell you how much my time is worth to me. And, indeed, as part of the Stan! Sale, I’m lowering that cost significantly.
* 1 Hour phone/tele-conference—(reg. $100)—SALE PRICE $50
* Manuscript Review— varies by assignment details
As with so much in business, there is generally room for negotiation, so don’t be afraid to come to me with a proposal. And please post a comment or contact me (through email, Facebook, or Twitter) if you have any questions.
Also, feel free to spread this info around … indeed, PLEASE DO! The more people know about this sale, the more likely it is to generate work.

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  • James Thomas November 23, 2014 8:09 am

    Having consulted with Stan in the past, I can testify he provides valuable writing advice and feedback. He’s congenial but also honest.
    :^ )

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