Sleepy Day

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Sleepy Day

I'm Sorry, Dick Butkus
Not From Pixar

I don’t know what was up with me today, but after not getting up until after 10:00 this morning, I spent the better part of the afternoon sleeping on the couch. I’d roll over and suddenly 2 hours had gone by … switch positions, rest my eyes, and another hour-and-a-half was gone. I didn’t get up and start being REALLY productive until after 7PM.
I hope this doesn’t mean I’ll be up till all hours.
So, in lieu of some more detailed post, let me just present a little video that may make some of my ex-TSR friends squirm.

Buck, it seems, is back. No telling whether the writing, acting, or live-action production values will be any good … but it sure looks like they’ve got the overall visual FLAVOR right!

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