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Prepping for Star Wars

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After long anticipation and a full MONTH of hearing everyone talk about how excited they are for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the movie itself finally opens tonight. If that sounds a little grumbly . . . well, I guess that’s okay.
I like Star Wars fine. I remember seeing the original movie at the Bellmore theater in the summer of 1977, and I remember how different it was than everything that had come before it. I distinctly remember the freedom it gave my young creative mind to take the types of stories I liked and do them DIFFERENTLY . . . to follow a different vision. And though I’ve seen all of the Star Wars films on opening weekends, the franchise has never been as much of a touchstone for me as it is for so many of my peers (both chronologically and professionally). I like Star Wars. I’ve worked on Star Wars projects (multiple times). I get a “dang, I’d like to see that” thrill when a new movie is in the works . . . but, really, that’s about it.
Over the past week, I’ve seen friends, fans, and all sorts of folks on social media talk about how they’re prepping for The Force Awakens. Some are binge-watching the original movies (or some sub-set of that group in release date, chronological, or machete order). Others are binge-watching every bit of pre-release info they can find on the new film. Others still are hiding themselves away from almost all outside contact in fear of being given anything even vaguely smelling like a spoiler.
I don’t want to rewatch the previous movies. I remember the good parts well enough, and don’t want to be reminded of the clunky parts (let alone the outright stinky parts). I know that galaxy far, far away well enough that I don’t feel the yearning for a refresher course.
I don’t want to go deep diving into the promotional material, but I likewise don’t feel the need for a Star Wars black-out. I’m not totally anti-spoiler, but too much marketing material is only going to set expectations, whether it’s about story, characters, actors, or special effects and action . . . there’s a modicum of expectation which is good, in my opinion—the amount that gives you a vague sense of what the story will be about on the big scale, and what the characters will be like at their hearts. And I got that amount of information WEEKS ago.
All of this grognard harumphing aside, I’m looking forward to seeing The Force Awakens tomorrow morning. I’m not looking for something to change my life, or rekindle my childhood glee . . . I’m looking for a movie that’s fun and exciting and filled with heroic action . . . I’m also looking for a movie that is well written and a story that is well told. I think those last two are the only real question marks at this point.
I don’t expect The Force Awakens to be a great film . . . I just want it to be great fun!

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