Possible Kickstarter Idea

Possible Kickstarter Idea

INKtober Day 4: Hair
INKtober Day 5: Marsh

In the past I’ve had short runs printed of a few lapel pins based on my drawings—generally as gifts to give to friends and family (examples in the photo). But I’m thinking that in the coming year I’d like to do more exhibiting at local and regional cons . . . and that pins would be good items to have for sale.

Pins are relatively easy to design, and not terribly expensive to print in small numbers. But printing enough to have a viable inventory is more than what I’ve got set aside as “mad money,” particularly if I want to have a small line of designs (which for several reasons I definitely do). So I’m starting to do prep work for running a Kickstarter to fund the print runs.

But before I get too far along the path, I thought I’d float this idea past you folks. I mean, if I do go forward with this, I’ll need your help to spread the word … so I figure I should get your input EARLY in the process, so that you’ll be more “bought in” to the whole concept. (Which is NOT to say that I’m counting on you to throw money at me . . . just to help me promote the Kickstarter if/when it happens.)

Should I make more of these pins? Or some other designs? Or both?

Anyway, let me know what you think of this whole idea . . . and if there are any of my character/creature drawings you think ought to be turned into pins.

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