MOVIE: Game Loading — Rise of the Indies

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MOVIE: Game Loading — Rise of the Indies

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A month or so ago, I sat down with my friend (and head of the Gamerati) Ed Healy to watch an indie film about indie game developers. Game Loading—Rise of the Indies was funded through Kickstarter and released earlier this year. It was an fun watch, and gave me an insight into a corner of the game design world (and the self-publishing world) that I’d never seen before.
When we were done watching, Ed and I had fun talking about what we’d just seen . . . and we quickly realized that others might enjoy that conversation, too, so we jotted down our thoughts and quips and transcribed it into an article (which you can read here).
And in case this sounds so exciting you can’t wait to find out more . . . here’s the movie’s trailer.

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