MEDICAL: Insurance Troubles

MEDICAL: Insurance Troubles

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I was planning to make a post to let folks know that today’s the day for my cardiac ablation—the procedure I was talking about in my previous medical update. By the time most of you read it, the procedure would probably be done and I could answer questions and show off my newly ablated heart. However, something went awry along the way, and that thing is my medical insurance.

Apparently, the craptastic version that is available to me is only a “limited plan” and doesn’t cover cardiac ablation at all. Period. And since I’m a single person with a decent job, with no dependents, no disabilities, I’m too “rich” to qualify for Medicaid and too young to qualify for Medicare, I also don’t qualify for any of the various kinds of financial assistance that the hospital offers.

I’m in the process of making phone calls, sending emails, and contacting help desks to chase down all the information and options that I can. It’s possible a mistake may have been made somewhere along the line, or that a corner-case exception can be found, in which case we can just reschedule the procedure for a few weeks from now. However, failing that, the only option open to me is to pay for the whole hundred-thousand-plus-dollar procedure out of pocket … or just stall until the open enrollment period for insurance comes around again and hope that miraculously some better option is suddenly on the table.

In the meanwhile, I’ll just be here with a fluttering, fibrillating heart, hoping that my condition remains as benign as it’s been since we discovered it. I mean, as long as I feel well, I can carry on normally. I’ll take my meds and do what the doctors suggest and hope that we figure out a way to take this to the next prescribed step before my situation changes significantly.

I am NOT going to turn this into a rant about the healthcare coverage problem we have here in the U.S. … and really, I’d appreciate if no one did so in the comments, either. I certainly have a lot of very strong feelings on that subject, and I’ve aired them many different places. Right now, though, I don’t want to add that debate to the things that are stressing me out.

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