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MASH Memories

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Over the past few weeks I’ve been watching a lot of MASH episodes. I started with the pilot and have been going through them in order … finished with Season 2 last night.
I watched A LOT of MASH when I was young. It was my mom’s favorite show for years, and I was practically addicted to the syndicated re-runs during my high school and college years (when it was possible to watch 2.5 hours every weeknight), so I wasn’t at all surprised that even after all these years the episodes all seemed comfortable and familiar.

But just now that I saw an episode that I don’t recall ever having seen before. How strange, after all this time to sit through 24 minutes of MASH and not know any of the jokes or dialog (although sit-com writing being as formulaic as it is, figuring out the plot and major “twists” came without even really thinking about it).
I wonder if it’s just that I don’t remember having seen this before, or if I actually missed it for all these years … or that this particular episode didn’t run in syndication. The title is “Rainbow Bridge” … and it does feature a bit of straight up jingoistic China-bashing, which was pretty uncharacteristic for the show, so it could have been in low rotation in (or even have been pulled from) syndication.
Honestly, I was a little surprised that it took me until Season 3 to find a show that I didn’t have a strong memory of. I mean, I can’t have clear remembrances of all 24 episodes from every one of the 11 seasons the show aired. I mean that’d be crazy!


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