Life Update: Fire & Asbestos

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Life Update: Fire & Asbestos

2019 Kyushu Basho: Day 15—Senshuraku [Final Day]
One Week Later . . .

So as not to be accused of burying the lede, let me begin with the TL/dr version: Last Friday (12/13) there was a fire in my apartment building. I’m fine, there was no fire or water damage to my apartment, but the building is currently uninhabitable. My renter’s insurance has covered my immediate needs.

Okay . . . well . . . having said that, I’m not sure I have much of a “long version” left to tell. I’m currently in a nice hotel (almost more like a studio apartment) and many, many people have reached out and offered to help me in various ways. It’s completely unclear how long it will be until I can move back in,

If you want more details than that, check out this little informational video I made while sitting around my hotel room. (Seriously, I did the whole think on my iPad—ain’t modern technology grand!)

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