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While updating some of the links here on the site (a bit of housekeeping I hadn’t done in a while) I noticed a fan run wiki devoted to the cat-themed Warriors series of novels. Longtime readers of this site may remember that a few years ago Harper Collins Children’s Books contracted me to create a Warriors RPG (which is still available for free on their site).
When it first came out, the game didn’t get a wildly enthusiastic response, mainly because the audience was pressing very hard for massively multiplayer site (something like Club Penguin or Wizard 101, but cat themed) and an “old fashioned” pen & paper game wasn’t it. Over time, though, as pick-a-path style adventures got published in the backs of official Warriors novels, the game garnered an appreciative audience. At various conventions and bookstores I’ve met kids and their parents who tell me that they have regular ongoing Warrior campaigns, and often want to show me their drawings, character sheets, and other game-related items. I’ve seen photos of groups playing at home, in libraries, and even at gaming cons, and I’m thankful that the game has found its niche.
I always figured the main body of Warriors fans would just ignore the game, which also was fine. I mean, if tabletop gaming isn’t your thing, I have no problem with that. We all approach fandom in our own ways.
So I was surprised to find a section of the Warriors Wiki devoted to the adventure game. Sure, they mark it (quite correctly) as non-canon . . . but they’ve spend a decent amount of time reading, processing, and thinking about the game and its handful of mini-adventures. They’ve even gone so far as to create flowcharts for the pick-a-path adventures and describe what happens in each node.
I’m not sure why this surprised me. Fandom often comes with a compulsion for thoroughness that stretches beyond the parts of the property that you love. There’s a way in which utter completeness becomes a measure of one’s devotion. Anyway, it DID surprise AND delight me.
But if you’re planning to play through the adventures, I’d advise staying away from those particular wiki entries . . . they’re full of spoilers!

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