It's Kickstarter Time!

It's Kickstarter Time!

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The Thanksgiving holiday last week was, as some may remember, my favorite holiday of the year. And I certainly have ample things to be thankful for—family, friends, health, joy in my work, success in my chosen field, just to name a handful. But this year I had something else to be especially thankful for . . . and I’ve been remiss in not talking about it here. At this very moment I’m thankful for the success that my current Kickstarter project is enjoying!
What’s that? You didn’t know I was even HAVING a Kickstarter at the moment?
Yeah, that’s my fault. It started last Monday, and I haven’t spent as much time promoting it as I should (a cardinal sin when it comes to Kickstarter). But rather than bemoan the week I’ve missed out on, I’m going to focus on the week ahead . . . because this is the FINAL WEEK of the campaign!
My project is called “Stickers by Stan!” and, not surprisingly, it’s all about taking some of my cartoon art and producing it in the form of stickers. Here’s the pitch video:

I’ve been exceedingly lucky in that, despite my flying in the face of every best practice, the project has ALREADY reached its funding goal (in point of fact, it funded in less than three hours) AND has hit the first two stretch goals. That doesn’t happen without a lot of support from a lot of wonderful folks . . . and I’m honored to know that’s the case for me.
So here I am with just ONE WEEK left in the drive, and I plan to make the most of it. If this sort of naked promotion bugs you, I can only say two things: 1) Sorry, and 2) It’ll only be for one week. Because after that, the drive is done. (Now I’m sounding like an NPR station!)
Tomorrow I’ll talk a bit about how YOU can help . . . and here’s a spoiler, I’m NOT going to be begging for you to give me money!

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