It Was 50 Years Ago Today

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It Was 50 Years Ago Today

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Beatles At Work

I’ve always been a big Beatles fan. I’m too young to have been a fan during the life of the group (though I was alive during that run … born almost 9 months to that day after they appeared on U.S. TV for the first time … funny that), but I remember distinctly getting “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” stuck in my head after a music class in 4th grade (distinctly NOT a good time of life to be singing about holding hands) and spending lunch breaks in Jr. High School in the music lab listening to Magical Mystery Tour and Abbey Road.
Anyway, I decided to celebrate finally getting my DVDs organized enough that I could CHOOSE what I wanted to watch by popping in the first of the discs from the Beatles Anthology documentary. I hadn’t watched these shows since I bought the boxed set back in 2004, and for some reason this seemed like a good time to do so. It wasn’t until the end of episode one, when I saw the copyright date of 2002, that I realized the show was ten years old.
Shortly after that, thinking about what I’d just watched, I realized that the documentary had originally been prepared to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the band hitting the airwaves … and that means, this being 10 years after that, that this year is the 50th anniversary of the Beatles’s launch.
It hardly seems possible. And it’s even more amazing that, despite being clearly grounded in the decade of its release, the Fab Four’s music is still modern enough to be toe tapping and appealing today.
I’m sure I’ll have some further thoughts on the matter as I watch through the series. But for now I guess I’d just like to wish a happy 50th anniversary to the two living Beatles, and send a whispered message of appreciation to the two that are no longer with us.
And I’d like to encourage anyone reading this who, like me, has a special place in your heart the band and their music, to set aside a little bit of time to listen to some of it again. I don’t mean put it on in the background while you’re doing something else … but actually, actively listening to it. See what it makes you feel, what it makes you remember … what it inspires in you today.
Because while they’ve been going in and out of style, they’re still guaranteed to raise a smile.

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