INKtober Day 31: Bone

INKtober Day 31: Bone

INKtober Day 30: Barricade
2019 Kyushu Basho: Day 1

Here it is, the final day of INKtober, and it’s Halloween to boot! (Although, really, that’s not at all a surprise—the whole thing is kinda set up that way.) The CLAWlloween prompt for this thirty-first day is “Bone” which is a quintessentially Halloweeny item. But rather than peg it to a skeleton or a zombie or some other undead creature, I wanted to tie this into the GOOD side of Halloween—trick-or-treating!

Who’s a good boy?

All of my INKtober pieces are for sale on a first come, first served basis. Unless otherwise noted, they cost $25 apiece (free U.S. shipping).

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