Getting Over Myself

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Getting Over Myself

2019 Kyushu Basho: Day 3
2019 Kyushu Basho: Day 5

Hoo boy, does this video speak to me.

I know that may seem odd to some of you given the things that I DO produce, but it’s true—I’ve been struggling this year particularly with trying to get some projects launched. Of course, in my case it isn’t exactly PERFECTIONISM per se that’s the problem as much as it’s version of “scope creep” … but the result is the same. And the advice given at the video’s conclusion is one I’m actively trying to implement. (Any friends who have heard me talking recently about trying to “get over myself” will know what I mean.)

Anyway, as I try to “get over myself” and get my projects launched, I figure this video might be entertaining, enlightening, and in many cases HELPFUL to some of you, too.

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