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Gen Con Schedule

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I am stunned, quite honestly, that it’s the middle of August and time for Gen Con already. Where in the world did the summer go?!? Well, there’s no time to ponder that just now. I’ve still got a bunch of details to sort out before I head out to Indianapolis … but I DO know what my schedule will be like while I’m in town.
I hope to get to see lots of old friends at the show, and to make even MORE new ones. Here’s my schedule so that anyone from EITHER category knows where to find me. C’mon up and say hi!
7:30 pm—Movie: Iron Skies (@ AMC Showplace Indianapolis)
9:30 pm—Diana Jones Awards (@ secret location)
3:00 pm—Working with Licensed Intellectual Properties (@ Westin 211)
FRIDAY (8/17)
10:00 am—Teaching Games (@ Westin 211)
1:00 pm—+5 Sword of ePublishing (@ Westin 210)
6:30 pm—ENnies Awards Cocktail Reception (@ Union Station Grand Hall)
8:00 pm—ENnies Awards Ceremony (@ Union Station Grand Hall)
11:00 am—Pink Dice and Pony Dungeons (@ Westin 211)
2:00 pm—Supergame Team-Up! (@ Westin 210)
SUNDAY (8/17)
10:00 am—DDI Freelancer Conference
Of course, if I manage to hit 1,000 twitter followers (@stannex) before the show, I’ll have to figure out a time and place to host a “Soda Social” tweet-up … but other than that, I’ll be playing it by ear. In fact, Twitter will probably be the best way to keep up with my comings and goings over the upcoming week.
Now, if you’ll pardon me, I’ve got A LOT to do before jetting off to the midwest!

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