Farewell and Adieu, AFK E&E

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Farewell and Adieu, AFK E&E

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Over the past two years AFK Elixirs & Eatery has been more than my favorite restaurant, favorite bar, and favorite hangout … it’s been my second home. And the people there, from the ownership to the staff to the other regular patrons have been a like a second family. When word came down just a few days before Christmas that the building had been sold, and the the new owner was giving the restaurant only two weeks to shut down and vacate … well … I was more than heartbroken.

I enjoyed the final weekend there. Particularly, I enjoyed seeing the place crammed full with people (something that only happened occasionally during the restaurant’s history), people who were willing—indeed were happy—to wait 2+ hours for a seat and were understanding when they were told, “Sorry, but we’re out of that . . . we’re out of almost everything.” These were the people who loved AFK E&E gathering for one last hurrah and a fond farewell.

I enjoyed even more getting to spend time with the staff members old and new who showed up to volunteer with the work of suddenly shuttering and clearing out a business that until a few days ago was solid and looking forward to kicking off its third year of existence. Nothing speaks as clearly to what a special place E&E was like the fact that former employees (some a year or more removed from their time on staff) were so willing to come down and pitch in.

I know that the friendships I made there will last beyond the shutting of the doors. And I know that the original AFK Tavern is still going strong up in Everett. I know that this is just a small change in the big scheme of things. But for all that this location and the people there have meant to me, it seemed worth saying (or singing) SOMETHING to celebrate what a magical time and place it was, and how much I am going to miss it.

All photos come from the AFK E&E Facebook page.
The soundtrack is me singing a cappella with Vinyl Sound Effects from this vid.

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  • Mark Monlux December 31, 2015 2:08 pm

    Having the perfect venue for the perfect drawing group is a magical thing. I hope you will be able to capture lightning in a bottle twice.

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