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Dungeoneering 101

Sumo: Nagoya Basho (Day 9)
Sumo: Nagoya Basho (Day 10)

Summer time is here, and that means all kinds of road trips, side trips, days off, and “I’m booooored!” time for the lil adventurers out there. Just in time, Rogue Genius Games has just the solution for you . . . Dungeoneering 101, a coloring and activity book available for purchase and download as a PDF.

Inside you’ll find five different activities—a word scramble, maze, crossword, ad lib adventure, and word find—themed around the basics of dungeoneering, and each with an associated full-page illustration just begging to be colored in, be it with crayon, colored pencil, or enchanted inks.

The PDF costs just $2. And I have a limited number of print editions that will be for sale at Gen Con for $3. (If you aren’t going to be at Gen Con and you want a print copy, drop me a line after the show. As long as there are copies remaining, I’ll be happy to help find good homes for them.)

I had a lot of fun putting this together, and I’m kinda hoping it turns out to be popular enough that it’s worth doing again. Wouldn’t that be neat? To have a line of gamer-themed coloring & activity books that you can keep for yourself OR give to friends, family, and party members who have lil adventurers of their own? So help me spread the word.

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