RPGs: Call of Bundlethulhu—90% Off Sale

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RPGs: Call of Bundlethulhu—90% Off Sale

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SUMO: Aki Basho (Day 7)

A few years back, when I was still part of Super Genius Games, I led an effort to publish a line of Call of Cthulhu products. When all was said and done, we’d put out six products that I brought with me when I joined Rogue Genius Games. With October and Halloween quickly approaching, we’ve decided to offer these PDF products in a bundle, and cut 90% off the original prices.
Murder of Crows—A 1920s adventure (designed by me) about strange goings on in a New England town famous for beautiful autumn foliage. The birds, it seems, do not like all the tourists traipsing through the woods. “Lovecraft meet Hitchcock” is not an unfair description.
The Doom From Below—A 1920s adventure (designed by me) about a team of scientists exploring a recently discovered sink-hole—a big, dark, ominous hole that drops deep into the unseen depths of earth. What could possibly go wrong?
Midnight Harvest—A modern adventure (designed by Owen K.C. Stephens) about a small town Halloween festival where the scares are a little too real, and some of the trick-or-treaters seem to just wander off into the night.
After Lovecraft: The Cold Case of Robert Suydam—A 1920s adventure (designed by Rick Dakan) that is a sequel to Lovecraft’s short story “The Horror at Red Hook.” In fact, the story itself is the first player hand out. No need to ignore what you remember from the story, this adventure counts on you using that information.
A Peculiar Pentad—A sourcebook detailing five shops that sell goods and services that Call of Cthulhu characters often find themselves in need of. Of course each one comes with a strange backstory, and an even stranger proprietor. All the stores are detailed so that they can be suitable for use in 1920s, modern, or gaslight Cthulhu settings.
Snows of an Early Winter—A modern adventure (designed by Lou Agresta) set in New York City during an off-year election season. All politics may be local and often dirty, but it seems like this one is cosmic in scope and pure evil.
Originally, these six PDF products had a combined retail price of $35.94, but we’re selling them all in Call of Bundlethulhu for a mere $3.54. That’s more than 90% off! But don’t wait too long, the stars will only be right for a little while . . . and when the cosmic alignment ends, so will this sale.

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