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That's The Story Jerry?

Genius Week In Review (Jan 10, 2010)
When I Got Rhythm ...

When I was growing up in the NY Metro area, there was a series of commercials that really tickled my young funny bone. They were for a local major appliance store called Jamaica Gas & Electric (Jamaica being a section of Queens).
They all went pretty much the same (as the commercials tend to do) … an off camera voice in a thick Queens accent would ask the on camera personality (the store’s owner, Jerry Rosenberg), “Hey, Jerry, what’s the story?”, the Jerry would launch into a blazing fast patter about what that week’s specials were and when he was done, the off camera voice would ask, “So that’s the story, Jerry?” and Jerry would throw his arms back and howl “That’s the stoooooory!”
Yeah, comedy gold … I know. I guess you had to be there.
But no, thanks to the Internet, I you don’t have to have been there. You can see it now. And, even better, you can see something I didn’t even remember … Jerry promoting his own … (wait for it) … DISCO!!!

It turns out Jerry wasn’t JUST a local phenomenon. He achieved some national recognition. There was even a Time magazine article about Jerry in 1973.
What happened to Jerry and JGE? Damned if I know. But I kinda hope the disco is still around!

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