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My Zombie Debut

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Zombie Stan!

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this other than in a few Facebook posts, but back in September I was invited to play a zombie in a new web series being produced by Epic Level Entertainment. The series is called Bite Me and it’s currently running on
It was a GREAT experience, and I had a ton of fun (and learned quite a bit just by hanging around on set for a day). Anyway, the series is underway. You can visit its YouTube channel and see the first three episodes right now. But on Saturday, when they release episode 4 … I will have my official zombie debut!
It’s a tiny little thing, but I’m kind of thrilled by it. I wonder how my staggering will look on the screen?
Anyway, I’ll post more about this when the episode goes live … but in the meanwhile, I thought I’d warn you all that the Stan! Zombie Apocalypse is nearly here.

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  • Kerry December 24, 2010 8:44 pm

    EXCELLENT shambling man. I really believed you were undead. i know however if you were REALLY undead you would be erudite and shambling about in a fez with some manner of drawing utensil in your undead hand making undead puns. Of corpse.
    Just saying.

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