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It feels good to get back to posting here more regularly, but it feels a little strange that most of the posts are about movies. Not that it comes as a surprise to anyone who knows me that A) I enjoy seeing a lot of movies, and B) I have pretty clear opinions about each of them, but there’s a lot of other stuff going on in my world, too, these days.
I’ve been rather over-busy with writing work the past six weeks or so, jumping from one deadline to another and switching gears pretty drastically as I do so. In that time I’ve had assignments that included transcribing the contents of 3 graphic novels into a script that can be used to re-letter new editions, designing a mega-monster template for Pathfinder, writing an adventure for the Warriors Adventure Game, supervising the production of art for two upcoming RPG products, editing daily content for, writing voice over scripts for a popular online game, writing voice over scripts for an upcoming computer game, localizing the scripts for 2 manga volumes, preparing some out-of-print material of mine for a (hopefully) upcoming reprint, and helping to plot out the next few months of scheduling for the greater Super Genius Games product lines.
It’s not surprising to me, looking back, that with all that writing going on I let my blogging slip … and when I did come back, it would be to talk about something ELSE entirely. And movies have made very convenient breaks from the writing grind–self-contained, diverting, but easily compartmentalized and processed in just a few hours, leaving me ready to hop back into whatever the project of the moment happens to be.
What I’m trying to say is, that the next few weeks here on the blog are likely to remain pretty heavily focused on movies, not the least of which is because the Seattle International Film Festival starts next week, and I hope to get to see some of the screenings. Plus, I’ve already seen three more movies in the local theaters that I haven’t shared my thoughts about yet.
I’ll try to pepper in some posts about OTHER things, too. Maybe sharing some of the interesting links that pass across my desktop (though if you’re interested in those, the best way to get them is to follow me on Twitter @stannex). Maybe talking a bit about comics.
But for the time being, I think that movie madness will remain in full swing here at the Stannex. So grab a bag of popcorn (or, if your preferences are like mine, a box of Junior Mints), dim the house lights, and wait for the magic to happen.

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