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Rebel Mole—A Star Wars Notion

Last night I dreamed of a Star Wars character concept that I think would be fun, though I admit that such a character may already exist (I’m not well versed in the past or present SWEU … pun semi-intended). The idea is a rebel mole agent who was placed into the Imperial fleet shortly after […]

MANGA: Ultraman vol. 4

Today I was working on rewriting volume 7 of the Ultraman manga . . . and as fate would have it, the postman delivered my contributor’s copy of volume 4 (due to hit stores on May 17). You’re gonna love it … it’s deeeeeeelicious!!!

MANGA: Translation vs. Adaptation

The other day there was a terrific article posted on the Comics Journal’s blog entitled Confessions of a Manga Translator. It was written by Zack Davisson, who is a true scholar of Japanese literature (including manga) , and who has translated some really great—and really challenging—manga (including a four-volume History of Japan during the reign of the […]

MANGA: Ultraman vol. 3

It was just another pretty humdrum day here in the Stan!plex. I’d spent most of the afternoon doing paperwork and bookkeeping . . . but things got a lot more exciting when the FedEx guy arrived with a package. Sure, ANY package would have been a nice break, but this wasn’t just any package. This […]

Two Hundred REALLY Good Words

I’m lucky enough to have a lot of supremely talented friends engaged in some wildly entertaining projects. And because I’m a writer (among other things) there are a lot of writers in that crowd. It seems that hardly a week goes by when one or more of them doesn’t have a new novel, anthology, or game […]

Let’s Work at the Mall!

As a freelancer, I’m always on the lookout for places outside of my home where I can go to work. Sometimes I have multiple appointments during a given day, and coming home between them just isn’t feasible, other times I just want a change of scenery to kick my creative juices into gear, and still other times […]

RANT: My 2015 Complaint of the Year

While I’m in the mind frame to look back on the year just past, I think it’s worth taking a few moments to discuss what those around me heard me frequently refer to as my “complaint of the year.” Two articles I’ve recently seen make it clear that I’m far from the only one with this […]

New Age Synchronicity

Early last week I was working on a writing project, which meant that my selection of music to listen to was limited. When I’m working with text, I generally can only listen to instrumental music, or lyrical music in a language I don’t understand. I have Japanese, French, and Italian groups that are on my […]

MANGA: Ultraman vol. 2

Yesterday was not a super-productive day . . . but my mood was made infinitely better by the arrival of my contributor copy of vol. 2 of the new Ultraman manga. I really dig all of the work I’ve gotten to do with Viz Media (even the crazy-ass stuff like Deadman Wonderland), but getting to write […]

MANGA: Deadman Wonderland vol. 11

Look what arrived this week . . . my contributor copy of Deadman Wonderland vol. 11! The series is nearing its conclusion and things just keep on getting weirder! Seriously, I’m surprised that localizing this text hasn’t induced a Lovecraft-level SAN incident for me . . . or maybe it has and I just can’t tell […]