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Seemingly in perfect unison with the change back to Standard Time, there’s been a shift in the weather here in the greater San Diego area. The days have been balmier than usual at this time of year … but the nights are seeing a very low marine layer come scooting onto shore, and that means […]

Sizzling Sunday

As promised, yesterday was hot and humid … just like I remember summers in the Midwest being. We headed out to the Bristol Renaissance Faire, covered our pasty-white bodies in sunscreen, and had a terrific few hours amid the “forsooth”s and the “milady”s. I ate the requisite turkey leg, and we all tried a concoction […]

Several Kinds of Cooks

I had a TERRIFIC day yesterday. Started with a long lunch with old friends Monte, Sue, and Keith … and Keith’s lovely bride Debbie (whom I met for the first time … but who FELT like an old friend). It was about an hour’s drive down to the restaurant we met at near the WI/IL […]

Notes From The Road

I guess I’m getting used to Central Time already because my sleep/wake schedule is shifting to match the clock on the wall rather than the one back in my SoCal apartment. No real worries there, and it DOES give me a chance to catch up on my blogging. Still, the day here is going to […]

Suddenly Summer

Out of nowhere, seemingly, the SD area has suddenly been thrust into high summer. The temperature today is in the high 90s and there’s hardly a cloud in the sky. I LIKE this kind of weather … but I prefer to get to it GRADUALLY. Also, with the removal over the winter of BOTH trees […]

I Like The Warmth But …

We’ve been having a run of terrific weather here in SoCal, sunny all day and temperatures in the low 80s. After a few weeks of actually CHILLY weather, that is a bit of relief … but now I’m being reminded of the PRICE that comes with this winter warmth. Y’see, we get this weather when […]