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Advice from a Reverse Snow Bird

We’re having a snow day here in the Seattle area—the first significant snowfall in several years. In my neighborhood it seems as though 2–3 inches of light, fluffy powder has fallen, but there are so many micro-climates here in the Puget Sound region that I know others nearby got at least half-a-foot. As someone who […]

Seattle Smoke

It’s been a long, dry year here in the Pacific Northwest, and that’s resulted in a horrendous summer of wildfires. Though none of the fires are in the Seattle area, we’ve had the scent of wood smoke in the air for the past couple of days. Here’s a video that shows why … and how […]

My Haunted Apartment

With all of this snow and ice and dark, I almost forgot to tell you … for a few hours I thought my apartment was haunted. It happened on Wednesday night, when the temperature outside was at its coldest and I’d been locked inside for about 36 hours. I got up to go to the bathroom, […]

Let There Be Light (and Heat)!

I spent most of the weekend working on a freelance assignment, checking in occasionally with the manager of my apartment complex. When, at 6:00 on Sunday night, there still was no electricity to the buildings, I figured that for sure I was going to have to impose on my friends for another night in their […]

I’ll Never Mock Winter Again!

When last I typed here, I was having a bit of fun at the expense of Seattle area drivers and their winter weather skills. Apparently, the Great Northern Wind took great offense at this and decided to teach me the error of my ways — that, or a confluence of bad weather and bad luck […]

It’s Not The Roads, It’s The Drivers

It’s snowing in Seattle. Now, in other parts of the world “it’s snowing” might just be a statement about the weather, but here in the greater Seattle area the words carry the weight of an emergency klaxon. Snow … SNOW … SNOOOOOWWWWW! Now, to be fair, the snowstorm we’re having today DOES seem to be […]

Scenes From A Tsunami

Most of you reading this know that I lived and worked in Japan for five years back in the early ’90s. With that in mind, it shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that I’ve been a little distracted by the news reports, photos, and videos being posted from Sendai, Tokyo, and many other affected areas. […]

A Week Early

Well, it looks like the warm weather I predicted for Comic Con won’t come as such a “surprise” after all as things took a turn for the warm yesterday. We were in the midst of another cloudy, chilly day when suddenly it started raining … and I mean RAINING, like east coast style. Driving rain […]

A Prediction For Comic Con

We’ve had an unseasonably chilly spring and summer so far her in SoCal. I’ve kinda liked it. There’s been a lot of cloud cover and temperatures have pretty much not gotten out of the 70s. The long-time locals are beside themselves, but I’m finding it very pleasant weather. I’m going to make a prediction about […]

THAT’S A Snow Storm!

I was fascinated to see this satellite photo of the United Kingdom covered in snow … practically the ENTIRE island COVERED in snow! Pretty cool, eh? Thanks to Aaron Williams for the link, as well as one to a larger version of the photo.