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Sumo may be over for a couple of months, but that doesn’t mean we’re without bizarre Japanese entertainment. Here’s the latest batch of inexplicable commercials fresh off the Japanese airwaves! This time featuring: • Gel insole school . . . why don’t you get it?!? • Katie Perry revealing how much she loves laundry (and […]


Has my sumo coverage put you in a particularly Japanese mood? Well, let this latest batch of nearly incomprehensible commercials fresh of the Japanese airwaves carry you off in wave of Japanophilial bliss! In this batch you’ll find: • An uncomfortably flirtatious taxi ride • A twerking K.O. • The buffest wedding in all of […]


There’s still a week to go before the Aki Basho [Autumn Grand Sumo Tournament] begins, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get yourself in a Japanese frame of mind. Here’s another batch of truly WEIRD TV commercials fresh off the Japanese air waves. Including: • The best wing-man of all . . . Air Wing! […]

JAPANESE TV ADS: Peach Princess

Summer commercials linger on . . . like the heat of summer itself. But these bring the cooling freshness of absolute incomprehensibility. This batch includes: • The lazy river of power-up connect-three games • GIANT festival food • A Peach Princess to join the Folklore Gang • An icy kaiju • And an oddly cute […]

JAPANESE TV ADS: Many Kinds of Tea

Another bonus set of commercials (the heat just brings out the wackiness on Japanese TV). Lots of summertime fun including: • Fireworks and matsuri festivals . . . now THAT’S what summer in Japan is all about! • A chance to see what the Calpis drinkers are doing while the Pocari Sweat kids are dancing […]


Another set of inexplicable TV commercials fresh off the Japanese summer airwaves. For some reason, this batch seems even MORE inexplicable than usual. • The tragic aria of the toilet germs. • Look … I have no idea what the “All For Fun” commercial is for … but as a cartoonist, I WANT it! • […]


Thought you had to wait two weeks for more wacky Japanese commercials? No! There’s such a rush of summertime advertising that the channel has given us a BONUS edition! This time featuring such warm weather fun as: • The classic summertime romance allure of malt liquor and cold seafood salad! • Funky forklift choreography. • […]

JAPANESE TV ADS: Pocari Sweat Dance Tour

The sumo coverage may be over for another couple of months, but hopefully these perplexing ads fresh of the Japanese airwaves will keep you from going through nihongo withdrawal. Highlights of this collection include: • Cat-girls at the ryokan. • The Pocari Sweat dancers go on a Summer Tour. • Baskin Robbins teaches the Japanese […]

JAPANESE TV ADS: McCalpis Shakes … Eeeewwww!!!

Summer’s here … and in Japan that means blistering hot days and bizarre TV commercials. Actually, the commercials are a year-round thing (as these videos attest), but they often get especially hyperbolic in the heat of the summer.  This batch contains: • Insect karate in a stick! • The new McCalpis Shake at McDonalds (you […]

JAPANESE TV ADS: Best of 2017 (So Far)

I’m not sure if these are the absolute best of the commercials we’ve seen out of Japan this year, but it is a really solid 10 minutes of WTF?!? Included are: • Part 1 of the UFO Instant Yakisoba Ranger adventure • The long version of Pocari Sweat: The High School Musical • The “Don’t […]