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Time to take another break from the sumotori and enjoy a more intimate look at day-to-day Japanese life, as seen through the lens of their notoriously incomprehensible television commercials. * Turtle sour candy . . . no, I have NO idea what’s going on with this one, but I find it irresistable! * Pogostick Samurai […]

JAPANESE TV ADS: Pink Revolution!

I’ve fallen behind when it comes to posting the collections of bizarre Japanese TV commercials, so I’ll mix them in among the sumo reports (that way, the non-sports-minded have something interesting to see, too)! * “Young Man” is the Japanese title for The Village People’s disco classic, “Y.M.C.A.” I first discovered this in a Fuji […]

JAPANESE TV ADS: Crazy Makes The Future!

It’s a new year . . . and time for the first two-week recap of bizarre commercials fresh off Japanese TV! This first 2017 volume includes: • The perfect motto for 2017, presented by Cup Noodle—”Crazy Makes the Future!” (Just repeat this to yourself whenever you hear breaking news about the Trump administration.) • Godzilla vs. Soft […]


It’s a new year, but we still have to catch up on the Japanese commercials from the final weeks of 2016! And the song we’re ALL going to be singing until the next video arrives is … LEG MAGIC!  Also: • Tommy Lee Jones gives us some of the back story for his “magic gaijin” […]

JAPANESE TV ADS: The Missing Weeks

As I said in an earlier post, I flat out fell down on the job when it came to spreading the love for these bi-weekly collections of commercials from the Japanese airwaves. Chances are you’ve already seen the Best of 2016 video (which includes some ads from these omitted videos), but there’s still a lot […]


Oh look! Another collection of bizarre TV commercials fresh off the Japanese air-waves. This time the bundle includes: • A bunch of “Halloween goods” commercials . . . showing that in the 20 years since I last visited Japan, Halloween has grown to be something that they celebrate . . . somehow. I throw that last […]

JAPANESE TV ADS: Dancing Fools

Time for another collection of TV commercials fresh off the Japanese airwaves. Just the thing to give you a moment of inanity before putting the finishing touches on your Halloween costume! Or maybe it will give you an all new inspiration for a costume that NO ONE will be able to figure out. • The […]

JAPANESE TV ADS: Everyone’s Cookie

The leaves are turning and new TV commercials are falling like leaves. Here’s another collection of inexplicable advertisements fresh off the Japanese airwaves. • The Japanese version of “Cups” . . . using insect powder. (Ewww!) • The official Pokari Sweat dance. • The boat race ninja lady promoting recycling . . . “Change yourself!” […]


It’s time for another batch of wacky TV commercials from Japan. Included this time are: • Tommy Lee Jones as matsuri maven • Singing hardboiled eggs • A “clip show”of the SoftBank puppy’s best moments (which seem to go back for YEARS) • Universal Studios Japan’s Halloween zombie madness • The dangers of curry flavored […]

JAPANESE TV ADS: Commander Potato

Oh look … even MORE crazy commercials from Japanese TV featuring: • Breakdancing geisha • Jude Law in a thirsty post-apocalypse • Noodle races with the folklore bros • Macha flavored Häagen-Dazs • And LOTS of cats and dogs!!!