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JAPANESE TV ADS: McCalpis Shakes … Eeeewwww!!!

Summer’s here … and in Japan that means blistering hot days and bizarre TV commercials. Actually, the commercials are a year-round thing (as these videos attest), but they often get especially hyperbolic in the heat of the summer.  This batch contains: • Insect karate in a stick! • The new McCalpis Shake at McDonalds (you […]

JAPANESE TV ADS: Best of 2017 (So Far)

I’m not sure if these are the absolute best of the commercials we’ve seen out of Japan this year, but it is a really solid 10 minutes of WTF?!? Included are: • Part 1 of the UFO Instant Yakisoba Ranger adventure • The long version of Pocari Sweat: The High School Musical • The “Don’t […]

JAPANESE TV ADS: Ahoy, Admiral McPerry!

Did I say I was all caught up with crazy commercials fresh from the Japanese airwaves? My mistake . . . because a new batch just arrived full off summertime silliness.  This collection contains: • Dragonball 4D (new at Universal Studios Japan)! • The impropriety of falling in love with a Boon • Adrenaline by […]


And with this, I’ve caught up to with all of the Japanese TV commercial compilations for the year so far. Going forward, I’ll try to keep up as they get posted every couple of weeks. In this volume you’ll see (but probably not understand): • Rubber chickens at a customs check • Final Fantasy 13 […]

JAPANESE TV ADS: Hard Boiled Fettuccini Gummies

We’re nearly caught up with the best of Japanese TV commercials that have aired this year. This volume includes: • The dangers of too much Baskin Robbins • Rice Cat goes on a picnic • I don’t understand what happens when you “switch on Sansei R&D,” but it sounds super funky! • Hard Boiled Fettuccini gummies?!? […]


More bizarre commercials snipped from the Japanese air waves. Kudos to you if you understand what the heck is going on in all of them. This batch includes: • The automotive version of the Pocky dance • The ninja version of the clapper—nunchucks! • A fairly straightforward commercial for a restaurant called “Ringer Hut” that I […]

JAPANESE TV ADS: Mochi! Mochi!

I’m still catching up on the batches of wacky TV commercials plucked off the Japanese airwaves. This grouping contains selections from early April and include: • A demonstration of the proper consistency for mochi • The power of BINGO • A dance to do when you’re getting undressed (while wearing a devil mask) • The return […]

JAPANESE TV ADS: Idol Smile . . . Muscle Body

More inexplicable commercials still relatively fresh from the Japanese airwaves. This batch contains: • Really angry high school girls • Idol smile . . . muscle body • Full-D X King Kong!!!! • An a capella drum kit


More commercials that are actually supposed to WORK … y’know, if you understand Japanese. This batch contains: • The latest pokémon . . . Usain Bolt! • A cool new dance to do to the Popeye theme song • A fishnado • The world’s thinnest Oreos • Thrilling Tales of the Golden Coffee Bean

JAPANESE TV ADS: Juicy Shopping

I’ve been remiss in posting the awesome collections of incomprehensible ads from Japanese TV. To make up for that, I’ll play catch-up all this week. Come back each day for more images that ostensibly are effective advertising IF you could understand them. This volume contains:  • Juicy Shopping • Japanese High School Justin Beiber  • […]