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I Want a Pad and Pencil!

Last week I had occasion to go into my local Apple Store. I was there to take a class on shooting video using my iPhone, which was FASCINATING . . . but that’s not what I want to talk about today. While I was waiting for the class to start, and again after it ended, […]

10 Mac Keystroke Shortcuts

Some of these I already knew . . . and some won’t work with my current OS . . . but there are still a few gems (being able to remove formatting from copied text is a GODSEND).

The Sounds of Hardware

I’ve been using a Mac Mini as my desktop computer for the past nearly-six years, and one of the things that amazed me most when I set it up was the fact that it was absolutely silent. Last night and again this morning, as I woke it from it’s “sleep” state, my little mini actually […]

Are You Ready for Some Football?

I got a call from my buddy Doug the other week telling me about an article he was writing for The article was about a new Photoshop template that lets you mock up a football helmet with any image you want (ostensibly for use in fantasy football leagues … but also, it’s just plain […]

Gen Con @Stannex Specials

Everyone always tells me that social media can be a good instrument of business, but I rarely put that to the test. Well, this year at Gen Con, I’m going to give it a whirl . . . so if you aren’t following me on Twitter yet (@stannex), you may want to sign up now. […]

The Challenge of Losing Your Mouse

Last week I talked a bit about the experiences of my first week using an iPad as my main piece of writing hardware. I thought I’d covered the whole thing pretty thoroughly, but I just realized one topic I didn’t discuss: How weird it is not to use a mouse. Okay. Confession time. I have […]

iPad: One Week In (Part 2)

Yesterday, I talked a bit about the experiences of my first week using an iPad as my main out-of-the-house writing machine. In particular, I talked about the hardware, but just as important really is the software. That’s what I’m going to talk about today. The question of software functionality really breaks into two major categories: […]

iPad: One Week In (Part 1)

Well, it’s now been a full week of having and working with my iPad, so this seems as good a time as any to do my first report/review (since a surprising number of people actually requested that I do so). To begin with, I guess I should talk about what hardware I’m using. I talked […]

An Apple A Day: The Second Package

One thing I have to say about Apple, they certainly have their shipping processes wired. After receiving my keyboard, I was still able to track the process on the remainder of my order (namely, the iPad itself), which it turns out was coming to me direct from the factory in Shenzhen, China. I knew when […]

An Apple A Day: First Package

As with so many big retailers these days, Apple is shipping various parts of my order to me separately from warehouses in different parts of the country. Yesterday, I got the first of those shipments. Now, who doesn’t like the thrill of opening up packages containing items you’ve ordered? (There’s that consumeristic hedonism again.) But […]