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Things Change

When you’ve spent your career working in a field as unpredictable as  hobby games, or fiction, or cartooning—let alone all THREE of them—you learn to expect that things will change for and around you, and often you won’t see those changes coming until they are right on top of you. So, while I’d never have […]

Monday Surprise!

Unexpectedly, today I received a delivery containing the first two off-the-press advance copies of–yes–the actual finished book of The Littlest Shoggoth! Holy cats! Talk about a GREAT surprise (especially on a Monday!).   They look, feel, and even smell AWESOME! (I love “new book smell!) And I can’t wait to be able to share them […]

The Polls Have Closed

The polls have closed, and we have the results coming in. Here’s the official tally: The Littlest Shoggoth Kickstarter final pledge total = $11,782! So the book will be printed 9″x6″ in full color with a hardcover! We had a total of 360 backers, so I’ll be doing two new pieces of wallpaper art. Thank you to […]

Of Shoggoths And Stretch Goals

The first week of my Kickstarter campaign for The Littlest Shoggoth went well . . . quite well, actually (though I’m having a difficult time figuring out how the week passed that quickly). I started the week with a stated goal of raising $5,000 over the course of 35 days, and I end the week […]

Let’s Play Kick(start) the Shoggoth

In the worst surprise announcement ever, yesterday I told all y’all that I’m about to have a Kickstarter to bring The Littlest Shoggoth back into print. I’m really excited about this, and I hope you will be, too. It strikes me, though, that to some folks this is might not be as obvious a choice […]


Kickstarter. It’s all the rage these days. As the Dungeon Bastard quipped during while hosting the ENnie Awards, one of the most common greetings between game industry insiders at this year’s Gen Con was “How’s your Kickstarter going?” Indeed, it would be only a slight exaggeration for me to say that practically everyone I know […]

It’s Time For ECCC

As hard as it is for me to believe, it’s time for Emerald City Comic Con again! I’m planning to be there on Friday and Saturday for certain … Sunday I’m leaving up in the air, for the moment. Mostly, I plan to just wander the exhibit hall and attend a few seminars … but […]

A Busy Couple Of Weeks

Yeah, so as this post’s title suggests, it’s been a busy couple of weeks here at the Stan!plex. Besides working Mon-Fri at Wizards of the Coast, I’ve been spending my evenings and weekends working on some of my ongoing freelance assignments. As fate would have it, four separate turn overs all came due in the […]

I’m Still A Genius!

Yesterday, in talking about my current contract job at Wizards of the Coast, I noted that one of the advantages was that it let me stay connected to Super Genius Games. Of course, those of you who pay attention to such things may have thought otherwise based on the fact that my name is appearing […]

Gen Con Review

Okay, it’s been a full week since Gen Con wrapped, so I’d better do my after-con report before I’m suddenly thrown into pre-con chaos as PAX Prime approaches. Gen Con is definitely the one show of the year that I really feel depressed if I miss. However, I’ve got to be truthful and say that […]