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Kickstarter Rewards

I like Kickstarter. I’ve been part of a dozen or so Kickstarter campaigns (as either a main sponsor or as a named stretch goal) and a good number of my friends have run Kickstarter campaigns, too. Some of them have even been among those crazy-successful, multi-hundred-thousand-dollar type that create not just ONE product but kickstart […]

Star Trek—Where to Have ‘First Contact’?

The other day, a friend asked my advice on a matter of great geekly importance. “My kids are old enough to enjoy Star Trek,” she said, “but where should I begin?” What a GREAT question! With six different TV series (including the animated show), twelve movies, plus comics, novels, and other licensed iterations, there are […]

Trek … Loved It!

I saw Star Trek last night and absolutely loved it. I have to say, I was more than a little apprehensive going into the theater because of how HIGH I’d allowed my expectations to get. Really, I’d primed myself to be disappointed by believing in my heart that the movie was going to be so […]

Waiting For The Future

I’m going to have my head down writing as furiously as I can this afternoon because I’ve got tickets to go see Star Trek this evening. I’ve somehow got to manage to control my inner geek AND get a few thousand words added to my manuscript … and EACH of those endeavors can be challenging […]

THAT’S How Good The Trailer Is!

News came down this week that J.J. Abrams’s Star Trek movie has been SO successful that Paramount has green-lit a sequel. Of course, the movie itself won’t come out for another month or so … so really the sequel is being approved on the strength of the previews and the marketing campaign. On the one […]


As if the earlier news wasn’t bad enough … it seems that Ricardo Montalban has also passed away. While he’s probably most remembered as Mr. Roarke from the original Fantasy Island series … he’s BEST remembered by fandom as Khan Noonian Singh from the “Space Seed” episode of the original Star Trek series and The […]