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SUMO: 2018 Hatsu Basho Senshuraku [Final Day] (Day 15)

It’s Day 15, senshuraku [the final day] of the Hatsu Basho, and M3 Tochinoshin, the big bear from Georgia, has secured the yusho [tournament championship], his first one in the top division, and the first time since the 2012 Haru Basho that a rank-and-file rikishi has won a major tournament. It’s also the first time […]

SUMO: 2018 Hatsu Basho (Day 14)

We’ve reached the final weekend of the Hatsu Basho, and Day 14 finds M3 Tochinoshin still atop the leaderboard with a 12–1 record, which is two wins above his closest competitors—yokozuna Kakuryu and ozeki Takayasu at 10–3. That means Tochinoshin needs to win just one of his remaining two matches in order to secure his […]

SUMO: 2018 Hatsu Basho (Day 13)

Day 13 of the Hatsu Basho is here, and I get to report something I never dreamed I ever would be able to say—there is a single rikishi atop the leaderboard and it is M3 Tochinoshin with an 11–1 record! Yokozuna Kakuryu lost for the second day in a row, dropping him to sole possession […]

SUMO: 2018 Hatsu Basho (Day 12)

Well, well, well . . . Day 12 of the Hatsu Basho brings us a whole new situation in the race for the yusho [tournament championship]. Yokozuna Kakuryu notched his first loss yesterday (to sekiwake Tamawashi, who is turning out to be something of a nemsis for the yokozuna, having now beaten him three times […]

SUMO: 2018 Hatsu Basho (Day 11)

It’s Day 11 of the Hatsu Basho, and yokozuna Kakuryu remains undefeated and in sole possession of the lead in the yusho race. His place is pretty secure, too, because M3 Tochinoshin is the only rikishi on his heels with a 9–1 record, and M13 Daieisho is the only one who is 8–2. That’s a […]

SUMO: 2018 Hatsu Basho (Day 10)

Welcome to Day 9 of the Hatshu Basho. Yokozuna Kakuryu remains in sole possession of the lead in the yusho [tournament championship] race with his perfect 8–0 record, making him also the first to secure kachi-koshi [majority of wins]. I’m honestly a little torn about how I feel regarding Kakuryu. It’s good to see him […]

SUMO: 2018 Hatsu Basho (Day 9)

Here we are, Day 9 of the Hatsu Basho and one rikishi stands alone atop the leaderboard—yokozuna Kakuryu—and he’s looking as strong as we’re used to seeing yokozuna Hakuho look up there. Of course, the excitement of the basho is based on the fact that he ISN’T Hakuho, and he has a long history of […]

SUMO: 2018 Hatsu Basho Nakabi [Middle Day] (Day 8)

It’s nakabi [the middle day] of the 2018 Hatsu Basho, and we’re down to just two undefeated rikishi atop the leaderboard. Yokozuna Kakuryu is looking like he always WISHES he would, strong and confident with a determined sense of purpose. Meanwhile, sekiwake Mitakeumi looks like he’s trying to take his already formidable sumo to the […]

SUMO: 2018 Hatsu Basho (Day 7)

It’s Day 7 of the Hatsu Basho, and I apologize for having missed saying anything at all about Day 6 (then again, I did start off this tournament’s coverage with a warning that my commentary would be spotty). Anyway, I’m back today and the leaderboard is beginning to take shape. Only four undefeated rikishi remain—yokozuna […]

SUMO: 2018 Hatsu Basho (Day 6)

Sorry, no time for commentary today … just the video for you all to enjoy.