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Laundry And The Echo Of Heavy Weapons Fire

Doing laundry tonight, I loitered out on the walkway in front of my apartment as I waited for the dryer to finish it’s cycle. It’s a beautiful spring night here in SoCal … mild temperatures and “marine layer” clouds hanging low in the sky. Looking north, I saw the clouds reflect a bright white flash. […]

Sign Of The Times

As I was on my way about my business yesterday, I saw a guy standing on a corner twirling one of those pressboard signs. Not very unusual. But then I noticed that the sign read: $30 Process Serving If that isn’t a statement about the current economic climate, I don’t know what is.

Off To See The Buddha

This morning, having made my project turn over, I decided to take an hour or so out to drive over to Escondido and visit the local Buddhist monastery. Yes, that’s right, here in sleepy, suburban North San Diego County, we have a Buddhist monastery. I’d heard about it a year or so ago, but hadn’t […]

It’s The Little Things …

I was thinking about it the other day, and in just about 2 months it will be exactly five years since I moved from Seattle down to San Diego (though I’ve never lived within the city limits of either city). This is of interest in part because five is just one of those conveniently round […]

Blood Drive Report

Someone passed along this link to a video done by a CNN stringer who was at the blood drive. You even get to see a caricature done by one of the SCCS volunteers! Go, cartoonists! For those of you who want a little MORE cartooning, I’ve posted a few of the doodle-caricatures I did during […]

Blood Drive Tomorrow

Just a quick note to let anyone in the SD area know that, along with a bunch of VERY talented cartoonists from the Southern California Cartoonists Society, I’ll be at the Chargers Blood Drive tomorrow, doing caricatures and sketches as little thank you gifts for anyone who comes down and donates blood. The event will […]


Seemingly in perfect unison with the change back to Standard Time, there’s been a shift in the weather here in the greater San Diego area. The days have been balmier than usual at this time of year … but the nights are seeing a very low marine layer come scooting onto shore, and that means […]

A Study In Customer Service

Having only yesterday written about the differences between various Subway restaurants, today I am moved to write specifically about my local one. I went in this evening to get some dinner and, provided I could bring discipline to bear, leftovers for lunch tomorrow. It was about 6:30 and I figured the shop would be pretty […]

It’s All About L.A.

Beginning Day 2 of my return drive home … and the whole day hangs on Los Angeles. I have to time my trip so that I arrive sometime between 1PM and 3PM or I might as well just find a Starbucks or Borders bookstore and just wait until 7PM. Anything in the middle means solid […]

2 Goats Free

I live in the midst of real suburban sprawl. Even despite the ongoing economic crisis and credit crunch, there is still new construction in and around my neighborhood on a constant basis. New shopping centers, new business parks, new housing developments … they’re ALWAYS building something. On the other hand, I also live on the […]