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A Nearly Too Late Announcement

I’ve been talking about this on and off on Facebook and Twitter … but it strikes me that I haven’t actually mentioned it HERE on my blog. Guess that shows how I’ve been thinking about mass communication in 140-character bursts recently. Anyway, the announcement is that I’m moving back to Seattle … and, at this […]

Barenaked Stan!

In the wake of my Comic Con review post, a handful of people have asked for more details on the Barenaked Ladies concert. How was the show? Do I really know Ed Robertson? How did THAT happen?So I thought I’d elucidate. (For those of you who have been reading this blog for a long time, […]

How I Spent $200 At Comic Con

At the end of last weekend, I took a couple of photos of the loot I brought home from Comic Con. I was on a pretty tight budget, and in the end I was pleased with all the things I resisted buying. But, looking at my haul, I found it hard to reconcile that relatively […]

Comic Con After Action Report

Originally, I’d hoped to give daily write-ups of the show … but I was having too much fun. I stayed out too late and had to get up and back to the show the next morning before parking became impossible. (The advantages of living 40 miles north of San Diego are not having to get […]

Comic Con: Day 0

I went downtown to pick up my badge for Comic Con, figuring that if I got there an hour or so after the distribution started, I’d miss the crazy “must have it NOWWW” lines. In particular, I thought that because I didn’t have to stand in the general attendee line … I got to go […]

Aftercon Artshow

There are literally hundreds of interesting events that go on in downtown San Diego in conjunction with Comic Con, but one that I have a small part to play in is Aftercon, a gallery exhibit and silent auction to raise funds for the Shel Dorf Artist Fund. I’m one of dozens of artists who has […]

Comic Con Comic

I’m a member of a cartoonists organization here in San Diego, the SCCS, and every year they have a number of events that coincide with Comic Con. One of them is a little con-related cartoon contest … and this year I decided to enter. I thought it might be nice to share the comic here, […]

A Week Early

Well, it looks like the warm weather I predicted for Comic Con won’t come as such a “surprise” after all as things took a turn for the warm yesterday. We were in the midst of another cloudy, chilly day when suddenly it started raining … and I mean RAINING, like east coast style. Driving rain […]

A Prediction For Comic Con

We’ve had an unseasonably chilly spring and summer so far her in SoCal. I’ve kinda liked it. There’s been a lot of cloud cover and temperatures have pretty much not gotten out of the 70s. The long-time locals are beside themselves, but I’m finding it very pleasant weather. I’m going to make a prediction about […]

Watching Some, Hearing Others

Living near the coast in Southern California, there are an awful lot of fireworks shows that go on each July 4th. However, living on the eastern side of a ridge about 10 miles inland, I can’t see many of them from my balcony. I can HEAR them. Indeed, I can hear at least four different […]