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Advice from a Reverse Snow Bird

We’re having a snow day here in the Seattle area—the first significant snowfall in several years. In my neighborhood it seems as though 2–3 inches of light, fluffy powder has fallen, but there are so many micro-climates here in the Puget Sound region that I know others nearby got at least half-a-foot. As someone who […]

SUMO: Sumo Stan!

It’s nearly time for the Natsu Basho [Summer Grand Sumo Tournament] to begin, but before I get to tales of the best sumotori in the world . . . let me tell you a little bit about one of the worst.  ME! Y’see, a few weeks ago I attended an event called “Sumo + Sushi” […]

Oy! What A Day It’s Been!

It started this morning when I got out of bed and noticed that there was a some redness and swelling on the shin of my left ankle … as in the same leg where my knee is still not healed up fully. It was slightly warm to the touch, but not “raging infection” hot, and […]

I Am A (Temporary) Wizard Again!

One of the truest statements about life as a freelancer/creative-for-hire is that the general situation of your working life shifts around on a regular basis. Your creative process and the ebb and flow of your days will change significantly based on who your client is, what type of project(s) you’ve currently got on your desk, and […]

Monday Morning Knee Update (It’s Monday Morning, Right?)

As I posted yesterday, over the weekend I managed to do something really, truly, deeply painful to my knee … but which the doctor at urgent care tells me is “just soft muscle damage.” I’m not disputing her … it seems like the right call to me. There are no signs of structural damage to […]

My Weekend So Far (A Long Tale)

Woke up Saturday morning with my left knee bothering me. Stiff muscles and moderate pain when I put my full weight on it. I figured I must’ve slept with it tucked in an unfortunate position … it’s happened before. So I wrapped it in an ace bandage, grabbed my “old man cane” and set gingerly […]

Two Years Ago Today (More Or Less)

Life is funny, it rolls along day to day, one task followed by another until you sort of lose track of time passing. Particularly as a freelancer, I’m always finishing one project and starting another and there’s very little that actually cements itself as belonging to a specific time and place. And since I’m lucky […]

Let’s Work at the Mall!

As a freelancer, I’m always on the lookout for places outside of my home where I can go to work. Sometimes I have multiple appointments during a given day, and coming home between them just isn’t feasible, other times I just want a change of scenery to kick my creative juices into gear, and still other times […]

Farewell and Adieu, AFK E&E

Over the past two years AFK Elixirs & Eatery has been more than my favorite restaurant, favorite bar, and favorite hangout … it’s been my second home. And the people there, from the ownership to the staff to the other regular patrons have been a like a second family. When word came down just a […]

It’s Only An Hour’s Drive

While I was washing my clothes the other day, I bumped into the chattiest of my neighbors in the laundry room. She’s a woman who’s probably in her late 60s or early 70s that moved into my building about a year or so ago. She’s a friendly sort who also, it seems clear to me, […]