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Stealing Time

And to round out the week, another cool time-travel themed short film.

One-Minute Time Machine

To start off your week, a fun little sci-fi/rom-com short film. Really, it would take longer to explain than it would for you to watch it . . . so what are you waiting for?

My Favorite Brain Malfunction

As I was driving home the other night, I heard a radio report talking about how people generally aren’t nearly as attentive visually as they think they are. Of course we ALL think, “That’s so true about MOST people, but I’m really aware of what’s going on around me.” Do me a favor … before […]

What’s In The Stream — Cosmos

When the weekend started, I’d intended to get a lot of work done on personal projects, but it soon became clear to me that I actually needed some time to just decompress. I’ve been running pretty hard both at my daytime work and my nighttime projects, and I just couldn’t manage to concentrate on any […]

My Haunted Apartment

With all of this snow and ice and dark, I almost forgot to tell you … for a few hours I thought my apartment was haunted.┬áIt happened on Wednesday night, when the temperature outside was at its coldest and I’d been locked inside for about 36 hours. I got up to go to the bathroom, […]

Working Laser Cannon

Okay … okay … it works against mosquitos. But really, it’s a functional laser weapon! I heard about it from Scientific American, and here’s a video. Apparently, the system can target JUST the female mosquitos (based on the way they beat their wings) to help quickly cut down on breeding, too.

Billions And Billions Of Thanks

As anyone who’s spent much time reading this blog knows, I think science is super cool! I don’t have the temperament or training to do real, in depth science … but I LOVE pushing my understanding of the universe and my perceptions of what is and isn’t possible by keeping up on the lay-person’s versions […]

If I Was A Conspiracy Theorist …

Forty years ago today, man first stepped on the moon. “One small step …” etc. It’s so EASY to be blase about it all … I see many people who are, and as someone who is STILL overwhelmingly impressed by the accomplishments of the Apollo program, that’s stunning to me. Even MORE stunning are the […]

I’ve Always Guessed As Much

Y’know how when you’re really good with a particular tool (be it a piece of sports gear, a pencil, a paint brush, or even just a hammer) it feels like it’s an extension of your body? Well, it turns out that to your brain … it IS! Apparently the brain keeps a frequently updated internal […]

Goin’ To Mars!

My blog-less friend Jeff has been the author of a number of small but entertaining boons for me recently. First he invited me to go to a lecture on theoretical propulsion systems for spacecraft given by an honest to goodness rocket scientist. Gregory Meholic was a great speaker and the subject (while occasionally above my […]