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Rebel Mole—A Star Wars Notion

Last night I dreamed of a Star Wars character concept that I think would be fun, though I admit that such a character may already exist (I’m not well versed in the past or present SWEU … pun semi-intended). The idea is a rebel mole agent who was placed into the Imperial fleet shortly after […]

MANGA: Ultraman vol. 4

Today I was working on rewriting volume 7 of the Ultraman manga . . . and as fate would have it, the postman delivered my contributor’s copy of volume 4 (due to hit stores on May 17). You’re gonna love it … it’s deeeeeeelicious!!!

Two Hundred REALLY Good Words

I’m lucky enough to have a lot of supremely talented friends engaged in some wildly entertaining projects. And because I’m a writer (among other things) there are a lot of writers in that crowd. It seems that hardly a week goes by when one or more of them doesn’t have a new novel, anthology, or game […]

Prepping for Star Wars

After long anticipation and a full MONTH of hearing everyone talk about how excited they are for Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the movie itself finally opens tonight. If that sounds a little grumbly . . . well, I guess that’s okay. I like Star Wars fine. I remember seeing the original movie at the […]

Wookie the Pooh

Holy cats! Artist James Hance has created a series of adorable illustrations that mash-up two Disney-owned properties—Winnie the Pooh and Star Wars! They’re kinda unbelievably adorable! If this idea sounds even vaguely appealing to you, you’ve got to check out the whole set!

Dr. Who Theme on Cello and Cat Keyboard . . . No, Really

What more do I need to say, other than thank the Maker for The Doubleclicks! Where would we be without them?  

The Cutest Zombie Apocalypse Film You’ll Ever See

Looking for four adorable minutes of a noble dog attempting to find his lost little boy in the middle of the zombie apocalypse? Of course you are! And Steadfast Stanley delivers on every level!

Stealing Time

And to round out the week, another cool time-travel themed short film.

One-Minute Time Machine

To start off your week, a fun little sci-fi/rom-com short film. Really, it would take longer to explain than it would for you to watch it . . . so what are you waiting for?

Happy Douglas Adams Day!

It’s another one of my Artist Holidays, this time the birthday of the man who brought us the adventures of Arthur Dent through the media of radio, print, television, and interactive text-based adventure — Douglas Adams! I must say that as much as I’ve enjoyed the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy in ALL of its […]