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Live-Sketching the State of the Union

I’ve been trying to strengthen my caricature skills a little recently—practicing more, participating in some free public events, and such—so while I decided to try something new while watching President Obama’s State of the Union address last Tuesday. Last year I did some sketching in my notebook of the different faces that were popping up on […]

Political Satire: Looking Back at Pres. Trump

This weekend, the NPR show On the Media presented an amazing audio adaptation of a brilliant article by Jon Lovett that appeared recently in The Atlantic magazine. The article “looks back” on America in the wake of a recently ended Trump presidency, and it’s definitely worth 10 minutes of your time! This has all the best hallmarks of good allegorical futurism […]

A No-Lose Lottery

A few years ago, Hyrum told me about this thing he’d read about called a “No-Lose Lottery.” Now, just by the name alone, I was suspicious, but he’d told me some crazy things before that turned out to be true, so I listened. It turned out he was talking about a financial product generally known […]

Edition Wars

With the announcement from Wizards of the Coast about the upcoming new iteration of Dungeons & Dragons, there’s been the expected buzz in the fan community debating the merits of the current and all of the past versions of the game. Actually, “debate” is a pretty tame word for what is more often referred to […]

I Plan On Supporting Her A LOT

Thanks to John for pointing me to the latest bit of brilliance from Stephen Colbert … a piece that shows me how I, as a bleeding heart liberal, can STILL show my support of Sarah Palin and her folksy, MILFy, obstructionist, hypocritical, “teleprompters are unethical but crib notes are wholesome” army of lunacy. The Colbert […]

How Did I NOT See It?!?

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know that I spent a good deal of time last fall campaigning for the heartbreakingly futile “No on Prop 8” initiative. Like everyone else who stood beside me on those chilly street corners last October, I was saddened by the decision that the California Supreme […]

Way To Go, Ikea!

If the Penn Jillette video below is to be believed (and, being one of the creators of the show Bullsh*t!, I expect he does at least a modicum of research before going public in this fashion … but the only corroboration I could find was NOT from a standard and reliable news source), the Swedish […]

Converging Holy Days

I LIKE it when significant holy days from different religions fall on or about the same time. It is a reminder of how much we all have in COMMON. Despite the fact that peace and brotherhood that are central ideals in most modern religions, churches and practitioners seem to spend an inordinate amount of time […]

Commander Adama at the UN

Thanks to Ryan for sending this along. Edward James Olmos saying something that should be said in a GENERAL MEETING of the UN … and the White House … and the Vatican … and from offices of power and pulpits the world over. So say we all!

I Guess I’m Not THAT Worried

I set aside work at 6 this evening so that I could watch President Obama’s address to Congress … and then the Republican response. After 8 years of being morally outraged at the perspective and occasional outright lies in the State of the Union address, I was looking forward to hearing a president I enjoyed […]