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PORTLAND: Role Playing on the Stage

A few months ago I backed a Kickstarter campaign for the Cleveland High School PTA. The Portland-area school was getting ready to put on an original play that was a prequel to Paizo Publishing’s current Pathfinder Adventure Path—Hell’s Rebels.  Let that sink in a moment . . . a high school putting on an original […]

RPG: Grande Temple of Jing

  Look what arrived this week . . . my contributor’s copy of The Grande Temple of Jing, a Pathfinder compatible mega-ultra-dungeon crawl for characters of ANY level published by Hammerdog Games. This book describes the temple home of the trickster god Jing—a magical labyrinth filled with challenges and treasures suitable for every type of adventurer […]

Map Order Advice for Non-Cartographers

As many of you may be aware, Paizo Publishing is in the midst of its annual RPG Superstar competition. Last night at midnight was the deadline for contestants to submit their entries for Round 2—Create An Encounter Map. Now, because I have close ties to Paizo (and even closer ties to the host of this year’s […]

Super Genius Games’ March Madness Sale

It’s been a while since I did any promoting of Super Genius Games, and that’s a real shame because we’ve been doing a lot of very exciting stuff recently. Our product-a-week schedule has rolled on, with a new Pathfinder RPG PDF coming out every week (since November 2010, in case you didn’t know) … and […]

The Year of the Genius

It’s been a while since I posted anything about the goings on at Super Genius Games. Although I don’t have time right now to do an exhaustive overview, I do have time for a quick post (which works toward TWO of my business-related goals for the New Year … talking about SGG more frequently, and […]

Post Gen Con Post

As expected, Gen Con was incredibly fun and incredibly exhausting. I had a GREAT time seeing friends old and new, and it was truly MY honor to be an Industry Insider Guest Of Honor. My schedule was busier this year than it has been in any time since I worked at Wizards of the Coast […]

Gen Con Lead-Up: Super Genius Games

Gen Con starts this week, and I’ve got A LOT going on this year. Rather than dump it all in a single blog post, I’ll break the info about my con plans into a few shorter entries. To start with, let’s see what Super Genius Games will be up to at the show. To begin […]

Getting Ready Is The Hardest Part

I’m getting ready to go to Seattle for Paizo Con this coming weekend … and at this point I really NEED the break it’s going to give me! In order to be able to spend a week or so traveling, visiting friends, and attending the show, I’ve had a fortnight of “crunch time” making sure […]

Super Genius Radio

Last night we hosted the first episode of Super Genius Radio and it went pretty well. It was a live audio chat, done through, where the principle members of Super Genius Games (that’s me, Hyrum, and Owen) talked and fielded questions about our new P20 Modern project. We had a lot of fun. There […]

On The Radio

After talking about it just the other day, I continued to look into Blog Talk Radio, and this afternoon actually gave it a real try. Together with Hyrum and Owen, we used it to do a live webcast of Super Genius Radio. This was just a small test run where we invited only the members […]