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I’m A Stretch Goal!

The fine folks at Monte Cook Games are running a Kickstarter for their newest project, “Your Best Game Ever“—a book to help you get the most out of your RPG whatever setting or game system you’re using. The Kickstarter got off to a rousing start here in a week that is filled with terrific gaming […]

MEDICAL UPDATE: Time For The Ablation

I’ve been pretty quiet about my medical situation for the past month mainly because the only thing to talk about was waiting for my insurance company to see the light of reason. Eventually, and with a lot of help from the fine folks in my cardiologist’s office, they did … and they approved my cardiac […]

MEDICAL: Insurance Troubles

I was planning to make a post to let folks know that today’s the day for my cardiac ablation—the procedure I was talking about in my previous medical update. By the time most of you read it, the procedure would probably be done and I could answer questions and show off my newly ablated heart. […]


The other day I made a post giving details for past medical vague-booking, and that got me thinking that there was ANOTHER bit of vague-booking I’ve done that I never got around to explaining. So I guess it’s high time that I did an info dump on what’s going on in my professional life, too. […]

Leg Update

Because so many people responded to my stupidly long post yesterday, I figure they deserved an update.   The antibiotics are already starting to work. The coloration is better, the swelling is down, and the pain has lessened. I’m still not back to how I was on Thursday, but it seems like the nasty possibility […]

I Am A (Temporary) Wizard Again!

One of the truest statements about life as a freelancer/creative-for-hire is that the general situation of your working life shifts around on a regular basis. Your creative process and the ebb and flow of your days will change significantly based on who your client is, what type of project(s) you’ve currently got on your desk, and […]

Monday Morning Knee Update (It’s Monday Morning, Right?)

As I posted yesterday, over the weekend I managed to do something really, truly, deeply painful to my knee … but which the doctor at urgent care tells me is “just soft muscle damage.” I’m not disputing her … it seems like the right call to me. There are no signs of structural damage to […]

My Weekend So Far (A Long Tale)

Woke up Saturday morning with my left knee bothering me. Stiff muscles and moderate pain when I put my full weight on it. I figured I must’ve slept with it tucked in an unfortunate position … it’s happened before. So I wrapped it in an ace bandage, grabbed my “old man cane” and set gingerly […]

Live-Sketching the State of the Union

I’ve been trying to strengthen my caricature skills a little recently—practicing more, participating in some free public events, and such—so while I decided to try something new while watching President Obama’s State of the Union address last Tuesday. Last year I did some sketching in my notebook of the different faces that were popping up on […]

A Diva, An Alien, and a Wizard Leave the Stage

Wow but it’s been a tough couple of weeks in terms of talented entertainers making their final curtain calls. There have been no fewer than four celebrity deaths recently that touched me enough to make me want to say something about them. So in the interest of not letting this blog be overwhelmed with eulogies, and […]