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SUMO: Sing A Song of Sumotori

You say you’re having trouble remembering who all the rikishi are? Well, some clever fellows with too much time on their hands whipped up a little song that . . . well . . . let’s be honest, the song won’t help at all! But it’s still pretty clever . . . and it gives […]

MUSIC: Rubber Soul at 50

The other night I heard a radio program called Isn’t It Good: The Beatles’ Rubber Soul that looked in depth at that album here in the week that marks the 50th anniversary of its release. I’m a pretty big Beatles fan—have been ever since I “discovered” them during lunch periods spent in my junior high […]

New Age Synchronicity

Early last week I was working on a writing project, which meant that my selection of music to listen to was limited. When I’m working with text, I generally can only listen to instrumental music, or lyrical music in a language I don’t understand. I have Japanese, French, and Italian groups that are on my […]

Listening to Creative People Talk

I love listening to creative people talk about their creativity. I don’t mean interviews where reporters (or even fans) talk to creatives about the results of their creativity . . . I mean when two (or more) creators sit down and talk. It’s one of the things I like best about the movie Stripped—the people […]

Let’s Go Mets!

I know that, apart from sumo, I don’t spend a lot of time talking about sports here on my blog. Unlike a lot of my friends, I DO like various forms of “sportsball” . . . I just take my fandom very casually. I rarely keep close tabs on the standings, often go months without […]

Dr. Who Theme on Cello and Cat Keyboard . . . No, Really

What more do I need to say, other than thank the Maker for The Doubleclicks! Where would we be without them?  

Holiday Songs

The other day, my friend Andy posted the following question to all his Facebook friends: What is your favorite holiday-season song? Not just “I like Jingle Bells,” but the SPECIFIC VERSION you like best. Almost immediately, he started getting some very interesting replies. The Little Drummer Boy as sung by David Bowie and Bing Crosby […]

You’ll Never Be A Beatle … You Can Only Have Been One

One of the funny things about listening to what the various members of the Beatles have to say in the interview snippets within the Beatles Anthology documentaries is how they themselves view and think about “the Beatles.” To them, it seems, “the Beatles” is something that happened to the rest of the world while they […]

Even The B-Sides Are Hits

One thing I’ve been realizing while re-watching the Beatles Anthology documentary is what incredible songwriters Lennon and McCartney were. I suppose that’s as obvious as saying that I suddenly realized that Tom Cruise is a pretty good movie star … but it’s not just that John and Paul could write great songs. It’s that ALL […]

Beatles At Work

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve been re-watching the Beatles Anthology 8-part documentary that the BBC did back in 2002 to celebrate the band’s 40th anniversary. I remember learning a lot the first time I watched these shows and, despite having done fairly extensive reading about the group, the individuals, and their histories, feeling like I […]