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MANGA: Ultraman vol. 4

Today I was working on rewriting volume 7 of the Ultraman manga . . . and as fate would have it, the postman delivered my contributor’s copy of volume 4 (due to hit stores on May 17). You’re gonna love it … it’s deeeeeeelicious!!!

MANGA: Translation vs. Adaptation

The other day there was a terrific article posted on the Comics Journal’s blog entitled Confessions of a Manga Translator. It was written by Zack Davisson, who is a true scholar of Japanese literature (including manga) , and who has translated some really great—and really challenging—manga (including a four-volume History of Japan during the reign of the […]

MANGA: Ultraman vol. 3

It was just another pretty humdrum day here in the Stan!plex. I’d spent most of the afternoon doing paperwork and bookkeeping . . . but things got a lot more exciting when the FedEx guy arrived with a package. Sure, ANY package would have been a nice break, but this wasn’t just any package. This […]

MANGA: Ultraman vol. 2

Yesterday was not a super-productive day . . . but my mood was made infinitely better by the arrival of my contributor copy of vol. 2 of the new Ultraman manga. I really dig all of the work I’ve gotten to do with Viz Media (even the crazy-ass stuff like Deadman Wonderland), but getting to write […]

MANGA: Deadman Wonderland vol. 11

Look what arrived this week . . . my contributor copy of Deadman Wonderland vol. 11! The series is nearing its conclusion and things just keep on getting weirder! Seriously, I’m surprised that localizing this text hasn’t induced a Lovecraft-level SAN incident for me . . . or maybe it has and I just can’t tell […]

MANGA: Ultraman v1 Reviewed

I don’t think I’ve talked about it here yet, but one of my current ongoing projects for Viz Media is providing the English Adaptation script for the Ultraman manga, volume 1 of which went on sale over the summer. I’ve really been enjoying working on this book and think that it offers a lot to fans […]

Busy, Busy Day … Repeat As Necessary

It’s been a crazy fortnight or so here at Stan! Central. All of my December freelance assignments have due dates before the middle of the month So I’ve been trying to fit a whole month of work into two weeks … and it turns out to be a slightly busier than average month after all. […]

Manga Madness

Over the past few months I have occasionally posted about doing some re-writing for “a manga about some whacky arms dealers,” but I’ve been very short on details. Well, now that the first volume of that manga has hit bookstores everywhere, I finally feel free to talk more openly about it. The book is called […]