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I’m A Stretch Goal!

The fine folks at Monte Cook Games are running a Kickstarter for their newest project, “Your Best Game Ever“—a book to help you get the most out of your RPG whatever setting or game system you’re using. The Kickstarter got off to a rousing start here in a week that is filled with terrific gaming […]

The ABCs of Parallel Development

“Parallel Development” . . . it’s the term for when two people come up with the same idea at roughly the same time. It’s explains things like two studios releasing oddly similar movies within a few weeks of one another (like the year of Deep Impact and Armageddon or the year of Wyatt Earp and […]

Kickstarter Rewards

I like Kickstarter. I’ve been part of a dozen or so Kickstarter campaigns (as either a main sponsor or as a named stretch goal) and a good number of my friends have run Kickstarter campaigns, too. Some of them have even been among those crazy-successful, multi-hundred-thousand-dollar type that create not just ONE product but kickstart […]

I Don’t Want Your Money

It might seem like a strange thing for someone running a Kickstarter to say, but if you’re here at my blog reading this it’s absolutely TRUE. Look, I created the “Stickers by Stan!” Kickstarter because I believe in the project—I believe that there’s an audience for it, and I hope that it FINDS that audience. […]

It’s Kickstarter Time!

The Thanksgiving holiday last week was, as some may remember, my favorite holiday of the year. And I certainly have ample things to be thankful for—family, friends, health, joy in my work, success in my chosen field, just to name a handful. But this year I had something else to be especially thankful for . […]

Next Kickstarter Re-Started

A couple of weeks back I made a post saying that I’m planning to launch a new Kickstarter campaign in the near future, one that would focus on new stories for Dr. Symm (the World’s Smartest Monkey). Well, one of these facts has changed . . . and I’m still planning on launching a Kickstarter. […]

The Enemy Is Me

“No plan,” they say, “survives contact with the enemy” . . . and sometimes the enemy is me. Earlier in the month I made a post about some recent setbacks I’ve had on professionally, and my short-term plans for revving things up and (hopefully) getting them back on track. These included a “sale” on some […]

What’s This About a Kickstarter?

Over the past week or so I’ve casually thrown out references to the fact that I’m considering running a new Kickstarter campaign. Although I like to support and promote my friends’ Kickstarters, the last time I did one of my own was back in 2012 for The Littlest Shoggoth, and it went pretty well (if I […]

Ups and Downs . . . the October 2014 Edition

As I alluded to the other day, the waters of the freelance pool have been a little choppy recently. I spent the first half of 2014 doing work with my friends at Monte Cook Games, helping to manage the freelance art conga line for their awesome products for both Numenera and their new RPG The […]

October Overview

Holy cats! I can’t believe it’s October (actually, the SECOND WEEK of October) already . . . and I don’t mean that in just the usual vague “time flies” kinda way. I’ve known for a while that this month was going to be one filled with lots of significant moments, and I’ve been actively tracking […]