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SUMO: 2017 Aki Basho (Day 10)

It’s Day 10 of the Aki Basho, and we have only one rikishi atop the leaderboard with an 8–1 record—ozeki Goeido. The other two co-leaders, M3 Onosho and M12 Daishomaru, both lost yesterday dropping them into a tie with M3 Chiyotairyu and M9 Takanoiwa for second place. Truth be told, Goeido did not look great […]

SUMO: 2017 Aki Basho (Day 9)

Here we go, Week 2 of the 2017 Aki Basho, the strangest sumo tournament I’ve ever seen. We start the week with three co-leaders with 7–1 records—ozeki Goeido, M3 Onosho, and M12 Daishomaru–and it’s difficult to say for sure how the week ahead looks for them. Usually, Week 2 for an ozeki means lots of […]

SUMO: 2017 Aki Basho Nakabi [Middle Day] (Day 8)

Here we are at nakabi [the middle day] of the 15-day Aki Basho [Autumn Grand Sumo Tournament], and what a Week 1 we had. There are four rikishi atop the leaderboard with 6–1 records—ozeki Goeido, M3 Onosho, M11 Daieisho, and M12 Daishomaru. Three of the four yokozuna are out of the tournament kyujo [absent due […]

SUMO: 2017 Aki Basho (Day 7)

It’s Day 7 of the Aki Basho, and with ozeki Goeido finally stopping M3 Onosho’s winning streak—something even yokozuna Harumafuji failed to do—there are now four rikishi atop the leaderboard with 5–1 records. None of them, though, are particularly familiar names. They are ozeki Goeido, M3 Onosho, M11 Daieisho, and M12 Daishomaru. Okay, Goeido is […]

SUMO: 2017 Aki Basho (Day 6)

It’s Day 6 of the Aki Basho. We’re heading into the middle weekend and there’s only one rikishi undefeated atop the leaderboard. Sounds familiar, no? I mean, clearly that rikishi is yokozuna Hakuho . . . except Hakuho has been kyujo [absent due to injury] for the whole tournament. So clearly it must be one […]

SUMO: 2017 Aki Basho (Day 5)

It’s Day 5 of the Aki Basho, and we’re down to only five undefeated rikishi. That isn’t so strange, but the fact that NONE of those five are sanyaku . . . THAT is VERY strange. Sitting pretty with 4–0 records are M1 Kotoshogiku, M3 Onosho, M3 Chiyotairyu, M9 Takanoiwa, and M11 Daieisho. After that, […]

SUMO: 2017 Aki Basho (Day 4)

Day 4 of the Aki Basho dawns with a resounding, “YOU’VE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!!” At least, that’s still what I’m thinking after the way yokozuna Harumafuji lost his match due to a non-call of his pretty clear matta [false start]. But in sumo, once the match begins you have to go full bore […]

SUMO: 2017 Aki Basho (Day 3)

It’s Day 3 of the Aki Basho, and things just keep getting wilder. It started with all but one of the yokozuna (plus several other big-name rikishi) announcing they were kyujo [absent due to injury] for the whole tournament. Then six of the eight sanyaku rikishi who WERE competing all LOST on Day 1 of […]

SUMO: 2017 Aki Basho (Day 2)

Here’s something I’ve never been able to say at the start of Day 2 of a hon-basho [sumo grand tournament]: Only two undefeated contestants remain among the sanyaku ranked rikishi. “Sanyaku,” for those who don’t know, are the named ranks atop sumo’s top division. The Makuuchi division consists of 30–32 Maegashira rikishi split into paired […]


Has my sumo coverage put you in a particularly Japanese mood? Well, let this latest batch of nearly incomprehensible commercials fresh of the Japanese airwaves carry you off in wave of Japanophilial bliss! In this batch you’ll find: • An uncomfortably flirtatious taxi ride • A twerking K.O. • The buffest wedding in all of […]