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SUMO: Ozeki Tochinoshin

From the beginning of the Natsu Basho, I was talking about the fact that sekiwake Tochinoshin was on a run to get a promotion to ozeki. And from the beginning we all knew pretty much what he needed to do to get it. He needed 11 or more wins with preferably at least one win […]

SUMO: 2018 Natsu Basho Wrap-Up—A Tale of Two Yokozuna

Well, the Natsu Basho is now in the books. Yokozuna Kakuryu surprised a lot of people (me included) by staying focused and pulling out a series of big wins in the final few days of the tournament, and earning his first ever back-to-back yusho [tournament championships]! Congratulations to him! Banzai! Part of what makes this […]

SUMO: 2018 Natsu Basho Senshuraku [Final Day] (Day 15)

Holy cats! It’s senshuraku [the final day] of the 2018 Natsu Basho and this may be the most exciting Day 15 in recent memory! Yokozuna Kakuryu is alone atop the leaderboard with a 13–1 record after beating sekiwake Tochinoshin yesterday. That knocks the big Georgian’s record to 12–2 and leaves him alone in second place […]

SUMO: 2018 Natsu Basho (Day 14)

It’s the final weekend of the Natsu Basho, and things just keep getting more exciting. With sekiwake Tochinoshin’s upset loss yesterday, we now have a tie atop the leaderboard between him and yokozuna Kakuryu. And just one loss behind them is yokozuna Hauho! Today, the leaders go head to head, while Hakuho faces sekiwake Ichinojo. […]

SUMO: 2018 Natsu Basho (Day 13)

Here we are, Day 13 of the Natsu Basho, and sekiwake Tochinoshin is still unbeaten and alone at the top of the leaderboard. But because his path there went straight through yokozuna Hakuho, there is only ONE rikishi immediately trailing him—yokozuna Kakuryu! The Tochinoshin/Hakuho fight was everything a sumo fan could hope for—cleanly fought, skillful, […]

SUMO: 2018 Natsu Basho (Day 12)

It’s Day 12 of the Natsu Basho, and the drama is getting intense. Sekiwake Tochinoshin remains undefeated and alone at the top of the leaderboard, with the two yokozuna still a single loss behind him. The thing is, today Tochinoshin squares off against Hakuho! All basho long, I’ve been talking about how the Kyokai [Sumo […]

SUMO: 2018 Natsu Basho (Day 11)

It’s Day 11 of the Natsu Basho, and sekiwake Tochinoshin remains unbeaten and alone atop the leaderboard. With M11 Chiyonokuni losing yesterday, there are now only two rikishi tied for second place with 8–1 records—the two yokozuna, Hakuho and Kakuryu. Tochinoshin continues to look very strong, beating M4 Chiyotairyu (a pretty substantial opponent at 190 […]

SUMO: 2018 Natsu Basho (Day 10)

It’s Day 10 of the Natsu Basho, and for once this tournament, there have been no changes on the top end of the standings. Sekiwake Tochinoshin is still undefeated, and still alone atop the leaderboard, followed by a trio of rikishi who have secured kachi-koshi [majority of wins] with 8–1 records—yokozuna Hakuho, yokozuna Kakuryu, and […]

SUMO: 2018 Natsu Basho (Day 9)

It’s Day 9 of the Natsu Basho, and as we begin Week 2 of the tournament sekiwake Tochinoshin remains undefeated and alone atop the leaderboard. He’s followed by three rikishi—yokozuna Hakuho, yokozuna Kakuryu, and M11 Chiyonokuni—who have just one loss. Tochinoshin showed great power and skill in beating fellow sekiwake Ichinojo on Sunday. It was […]

SUMO: 2018 Natsu Basho Nakabi [Middle Day] (Day 8)

Holy cats! We’re at Nakabi [the middle day] already? How did Day 8 get here so quickly? It’s been a week of sumo that began with ALL the top rankers winning for the first few days, and all but one of them dropping one match, and most of them dropping losing twice or more by […]