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Happy Thanksgiving!

A number of years ago, I’d sort of established it as a tradition to write a special Thanksgiving post here on the blog. (Check back in the archive for 2006–2009, if you like.) It is, longtime followers may recall, my favorite holiday, in large part because (colonial origins not withstanding) Thanksgiving is not based on […]

Happy Pi Day/Happi Howaito Dei

It’s a double holiday today … one Mathematic, the other Japanese! HAPPY PI DAY! Today it March 14th, a day many people (at least here in the States) notate as 3/14 or 3.14 … which just happens to be the first three numerals in the famous mathematical constant of the ratio between a circle’s circumference […]

Happy Douglas Adams Day!

It’s another one of my Artist Holidays, this time the birthday of the man who brought us the adventures of Arthur Dent through the media of radio, print, television, and interactive text-based adventure — Douglas Adams! I must say that as much as I’ve enjoyed the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy in ALL of its […]

Happy Gorey Day!

Yes, it’s another one of my Artist Holidays … the birthday of Edward Gorey. Celebrate by inviting The Doubtful Guest to come in, sit on The Curious Sofa, and watch the Gashleygrumb Tinies scurry to and fro.

Double-Holiday (Or Maybe Triple)

Today is another of my artist holidays … well … actually it’s TWO of my artist holidays all rolled into one square on the calendar. June 21st is both Al Hirschfeld’s and Berke Breathed’s birthdays. Al Hirshfeld is one of the great caricaturists of the 20th-century, indeed (in my opinion) of all time. I became […]

Happy Arthur Conan Doyle Day!

It’s another one of my Artist Holidays … this time celebrating the 152nd birthday of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, creator of Sherlock Holmes and all around late 19th-century rock star. Doyle was one of the first authors I went ga-ga over, reading the entirety of the Sherlock Holmes collection somewhere around the 4th grade. Granted, some […]

Three Artist Holidays

I’ve missed talking about a few of my Artist Holidays that have rolled by during a very busy last six weeks, so I thought I’d just play catch-up. First, on February 21st it was Edward Gorey‘s birthday. The creator of The Gashleycrumb Tinies and The Doubtful Guest (just to name two). Together with Dr. Seuss […]

Happy Poe Day

As I said a couple of weeks ago, my list of Artist Holidays is pretty strongly front-loaded on the calendar. We’re only in the third week of the year, and this is the third auspicious day of inspiration … the anniversary of Edgar Allan Poe’s birth! I haven’t always had an easy relationship with old […]

Happy Addams Day!

It’s interesting to me how many of my Artist Holidays fall within the first few months of the year … but now I’ve got TWO within the first WEEK! Today is the birthday of Charles Addams, creator of hundreds of cartoons for New Yorker magazine (and many other sources) and, from them, the Addams Family. […]

Happy Miyazaki Day!

Last year I started officially celebrating my Artist Holidays … the birthdays of various writers, cartoonists, and other artists whose work has important to my personal and professional development. The first artist holiday of 2011 is today … the 70th birthday of Hayao Miyazaki! Miyazaki many of you will know Miyazaki best for the movies […]