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The Overeager Snowflake

The start of a soon-to-be-classic holiday tale … and you saw it here first!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving, long time visitors to this blog will know, is my favorite holiday. It’s not about venerating one ideal (inevitably over others) or celebrating a victory (at which some must have suffered defeat) or a particular personage (who may be disliked or worse by some segment of the populace) . . . rather, Thanksgiving is […]

Give a “Sukky” to Your Valentine

As anyone who has ever heard me tell my “White Day” story knows, the Japanese have created their own unique way to celebrate Valentine’s Day . . . and it’s ALL about the chocolate! Well, this year it seems that the Glico company has taken it a step further and tried to make it all […]

Happy HallowCon!

As Halloween approaches this year, I’ve been noticing a distinct change from Halloweens past. Not a change in what people do—dressing up in costumes for various events, contests, and parties—but rather a change in how it all FEELS. It used to be that for MOST people, Halloween was the only time during the year that […]

Yargh! Avast, Mateys!

What a Wit Am I!

As most folks in the U.S. will know, yesterday was a national holiday—Martin Luther King Jr. Day—with all the office and service closures such an event generally comes with. At the start of the day, I REMEMBERED that it was MLK Day. I knew that kids would be out of school, and that would impact […]

Monday Surprise!

Unexpectedly, today I received a delivery containing the first two off-the-press advance copies of–yes–the actual finished book of The Littlest Shoggoth! Holy cats! Talk about a GREAT surprise (especially on a Monday!).   They look, feel, and even smell AWESOME! (I love “new book smell!) And I can’t wait to be able to share them […]

The Littlest Shoggoth Gets Animated (?)

We’re moving into the home stretch for the Kickstarter campaign. Only two weeks left, and The Littlest Shoggoth is nearing in on $7,500 in pledges … which is great! At this rate we’re seeming closer and closer to certain that the stretch goals for color interior and a hardcover printing will be met. And yet, […]

Holiday Songs

The other day, my friend Andy posted the following question to all his Facebook friends: What is your favorite holiday-season song? Not just “I like Jingle Bells,” but the SPECIFIC VERSION you like best. Almost immediately, he started getting some very interesting replies. The Little Drummer Boy as sung by David Bowie and Bing Crosby […]

Kickstarting for the Holidays

The turkey is eaten, the leftovers are in the fridge, it’s the start of a long weekend . . . IT’S TIME TO SHOP!!! Yes, so-called “Black Friday” is upon us, and all over the U.S. (and around the world, I’m sure), shoppers are out looking for interesting and appropriate holiday gifts for friends and […]