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Monday Knee Update

Originally, my thought today was to go into the office for half-a-day … to catch up on work and test both my knee and my endurance. However, I woke up with the distinct feeling that today was not a good day to push things too far, so I called in sick. I DID do a […]

Sunday Knee Report

Healing continues to be slow but steady … enough to say that progress is clearly being made, but still not enough to think about ditching the crutches. I’m thinking about heading back to work for half-days starting tomorrow, and the only part that really has me uncertain is that each day there seems to come […]

Saturday Morning Knee Update

I think I’m at the point in this injury where these posts are going to become VERY repetitive. Each morning I’m waking up feeling noticeably better … yet still very much in need of the crutches, even for short-range scooting around the apartment. Going longer distances is more possible, yet still exhausting. The knee brace […]

Friday Midday Knee Update

Progress continues to be palpable. I got up this morning and felt much less stiffness from a long sleep with my leg motionless, and and improved ability to stand unsupported. However, going to the bathroom to wash my face and freshen up showed me how much more healing is still left to go. It’s humbling […]

Thursday Morning Knee Update

It is clear to me that things are improving. I only got up once during the night, and at my age that’s a relative victory regardless of the knee problems. Pain is down further, mobility is up further, strength is starting (slowly) to return. That having been said, giving myself a thorough sponge bath and […]

Wednesday Evening Knee Update

Today was a day where a lot of things have gone right. The newly prescribed anti-inflamatory medicine is clearly making progress. I definitely notice continued slow improvement in the strength and range of motion for my knee. Of course, I still need the crutches to get even from my desk to the couch … but […]

Wednesday Morning Knee Update

I got a whole lot of sleep last night, with long bouts of Zs going from 9:30-12:30, 1:30-4:30, and 5:00-8:30. I think I might be close to caught up on my rest and that makes EVERYTHING else a little better. On top of that, the new medicine seems to be effective as for the first […]

Tuesday Evening Knee Update

With inestimable help from Janice & John, I went back to the Urgent Care unit and was seen by a different MD. He looked at the notes in my file, looked at my knee and said, “I see [previous doc] went with a very … conservative course of treatment.” Which seemed to me to be […]

Tuesday Morning Knee Update

Well, there have definitely been changes … and even some improvements in the saga of my sleep-injured knee. Thanks to a combination of reduced pain and the groggy effects of allergy medicine, I managed to get my sleep in 2–3 hour chunks last night (which is MUCH more restful than the long series of 20-minute […]

Monday Morning Knee Update (It’s Monday Morning, Right?)

As I posted yesterday, over the weekend I managed to do something really, truly, deeply painful to my knee … but which the doctor at urgent care tells me is “just soft muscle damage.” I’m not disputing her … it seems like the right call to me. There are no signs of structural damage to […]