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MEDICAL: And So the Insurance Paperwork Begins . . . Oddly

So, I’ve never had to deal with medical bills/insurance coverage before … but that’s about to change. (Those who follow me on Facebook already know that I was hospitalized for a couple of days in February, and I’ve had follow-up doctor visits in the six weeks since. I’ll make a post here soon to give […]

Leg Update

Because so many people responded to my stupidly long post yesterday, I figure they deserved an update.   The antibiotics are already starting to work. The coloration is better, the swelling is down, and the pain has lessened. I’m still not back to how I was on Thursday, but it seems like the nasty possibility […]

Oy! What A Day It’s Been!

It started this morning when I got out of bed and noticed that there was a some redness and swelling on the shin of my left ankle … as in the same leg where my knee is still not healed up fully. It was slightly warm to the touch, but not “raging infection” hot, and […]

Sunday Knee Update

As the weekend pulls to a close, I thought I’d give an update on my knee. It seems that given time, even incremental progress eventually leads to what seems like big improvements. Based on my doctor’s advice on Friday, I’ve been wearing the knee brace less and less … and slowly increasing the distance that […]

Saturday Knee Update

So, I went a couple of days without an update. That’s a good sign, right? Absolutely, yes … but it’s also a sign of how exhausted I was at the end of each of the last two days. Tired and unfocused enough, anyway, that I didn’t have it in me to write even brief overviews […]

Wednesday Midday Knee Update

Yesterday was a busy day in the land of the wounded knee. With the help of JD & Keri, I managed to get back to the office for the first time in over a week, and I put in a solid half-day of work (mostly without leaving my desk. I’ll be honest, it wasn’t the most […]

Monday Knee Update

Originally, my thought today was to go into the office for half-a-day … to catch up on work and test both my knee and my endurance. However, I woke up with the distinct feeling that today was not a good day to push things too far, so I called in sick. I DID do a […]

Sunday Knee Report

Healing continues to be slow but steady … enough to say that progress is clearly being made, but still not enough to think about ditching the crutches. I’m thinking about heading back to work for half-days starting tomorrow, and the only part that really has me uncertain is that each day there seems to come […]

Saturday Morning Knee Update

I think I’m at the point in this injury where these posts are going to become VERY repetitive. Each morning I’m waking up feeling noticeably better … yet still very much in need of the crutches, even for short-range scooting around the apartment. Going longer distances is more possible, yet still exhausting. The knee brace […]

Friday Midday Knee Update

Progress continues to be palpable. I got up this morning and felt much less stiffness from a long sleep with my leg motionless, and and improved ability to stand unsupported. However, going to the bathroom to wash my face and freshen up showed me how much more healing is still left to go. It’s humbling […]